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Security Software Firm Gains Quality Leads with Callbox ABM

Marketing Qualified Leads
Sales Appointments
Webinar Registrations
Software, Cybersecurity
North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America
San Jose, California, USA
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
ANZ and India
Target Industries
Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Services, Public Administration
Target Contacts
IT Executives VP of Infrastructure, VP of Network, VP of Security, Director/Manager of Networking, Infrastructure, Network Operations, Network Engineering, Cloud, Cloud Operations Director/Manager of Security Operations, Risk Management, Compliance Director/Manager of Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Architecture Network Architect, Security Architect, CIO, CTO, CSO, CDO


The Client is a cloud-based security company that provides internet security services to protect users and organizations from cyber threats. Its services include web and email security, cloud firewall, cloud sandbox, data loss prevention, and more. It operates a global cloud security platform that processes billions of transactions since it was founded in 2008 and protects thousands of customers in over 185 countries.


Regardless of its customers’ location, the Client enables secure and fast internet access for users and also provides protection data exfiltration. The Client uses a combination of machine learning, behavioral analysis, and signature-based detection to identify and block threats in real-time.


Its services are designed to be deployed quickly and easily without the need for additional hardware or software, making it a popular choice for organizations that need to secure their cloud-based applications and infrastructure.


The Client’s global presence enables it to provide cloud security services to organizations in various industries and regions.


The Client has been committed to provide quality internet security services to customers around the globe and across different industries since its founding in 2008. One of its features is the Zero Trust Exchange, which enables fast, secure connections and allows employees to work from any place and time using the internet as the corporate network. Based on the zero trust principle of least-privileged access, it provides comprehensive security using context-based identity and policy enforcement. 


In order to reach and engage more potential customers, the Client sought out an outsourced lead generation and appointment-setting partner that can provide them with a large contact database, a multi-channel strategy, and appointment-setting to help grow their sales pipeline.

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