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Callbox Brings Clear Connection to Sales Leads for Managed Telco



Originally established as a Systems Integrator in 1996, the Client has evolved to become a leading business telecommunications technology provider. Leveraging their strong technology-based background, the company began to offer managed telecommunications services in 2005, becoming a top provider of end-to-end technology solutions for a wide range of businesses and industries.

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The mid-1990s marked the rapid shift of technology towards virtual work practices, where organizations across the globe sought more flexible, secure and dynamic managed telephony solutions.

The Client’s strategic vision was to help customers keep up with technology by providing end-to-end telephony products and services that allowed users to take advantage of the very latest in enterprise IP communications solutions without the need for significant upfront capital investment.

Years prior to partnering with Callbox, the Client had implemented a number of different marketing strategies, which included both in-house and outsourced channels. But it eventually became clear that the company needed to focus on core business areas and farm out many of its marketing activities including prospecting.

  • Planned and deployed a 6-month lead generation campaign for a Singapore managed telecom solutions firm which met the Client’s requirements and exceeded targets
  • Combined Callbox’s industry expertise with cutting-edge marketing tech stack to deliver solid results
  • Achieved key campaign milestones in terms of conversions, win rates, and sales pipeline growth



After uncovering the Client’s targets and requirements, Callbox then crafted a campaign plan which mainly consisted of multi-channel lead generation that maximized voice, email, web, mobile and social media through the behavior-based tracking capabilities of Callbox’s Lead Nurturing (LN) Tool.

The workflow which Callbox designed was seamless and aligned with the Client’s goal – to widen its market reach and offer its managed telecommunications services to the Singapore market. So Callbox had the LN Tool send out intro email copies to verify that the contact details were all accurate and up-to-date.

Using the LN Tool’s “Send Email” and “Move to List” features, the team was able to properly handle bounced and invalid emails, automatically sending them to suppression lists or revalidated by the research team. With the database accurately profiled, the team reached more prospects throughout the campaign, while the custom drip email helped establish clear communication between the agent and the prospects, enabling the Client to speak with the prospects at the right time.

Overall, the strategic use of Callbox’s marketing capabilities led to a higher lead conversion rate for the campaign.


From the 6-month lead generation program powered by the Lead Nurturing Tool, the Callbox team generated a total of 89 leads, 59 of which were converted via the LN Tool. The campaign was able to achieve the following conversion rates and other KPIs: 40% closed sales, 20% hot leads expected to close this year, and 32% pipeline boost.

Callbox’s multi-channel lead generation program was one of the factors that helped widen the Client’s market and scale up its sales numbers. And as of this writing, another round of a 3-month campaign is currently on the discussion table.

The Client is now enjoying several long-term benefits of the 6-month campaign that Callbox ran for them: keeping a cleansed and accurate database, managing a good number of customers, and nurturing contacts tagged as “follow-up” which they forecast as future customers.

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