Client Success Story
Top Managed IT Firm Got Rock-Solid Leads from Callbox ABM Campaign

Top Managed IT Firm Got Rock-Solid Leads from Callbox ABM Campaign

Sales Appointments
Social Media Connections
Bristol, UK
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Event Marketing, Call-to-Invite
Target Location
Australia, New Zealand (ANZ)
Target Industries
IT, Telecommunications, Financials, Retail, Health, Social Care, Public, Sales, and Marketing
Target Contacts

The Client

The Client is a managed services firm that helps businesses embrace new ways of working using digital, mobile and emerging technologies in transforming their teams, operations, services and digital infrastructure.

Lines of Business
Recruitment Services, Managed Professional Services, Off-Payroll Services

The Challenge

The Client aims to help build outstanding workforces to achieve business goals. This is why they work with experts to assist their in-house team, or fully outsource a campaign, to complete a project.

In this campaign, the Client needed a B2B telemarketing company who can provide a robust list of target customers and can effectively carry out a multi-channel lead generation strategy for one of their partners, which is Oracle.

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