Client Success Story

Callbox ABM Amplifies Leads for NYC-based IT Services Firm

Sales Appointments
Webinar Registrations
Social Media Connections
IT Services
New York City​, United States
New York City​, United States
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia (No federal), Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois
Target Industries
Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Property Management, and Non-profit Organizations
Target Contacts
Owner/President/CEO/Founder; Vice President, CFO, IT Director, IT Manager

The Client

Founded in 1994, the NYC-based IT services company is an employee-owned technology consulting firm based in Pennsylvania, United States. Specializing in managed network support and custom application development, the Client is dedicated to delivering long-term, comprehensive IT solutions across the Greater Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic regions, underscoring a commitment to their client’s ongoing success and growth.

The Challenge

The Client faced a critical challenge: their internal sales team struggled to generate new leads. This deficiency in New York lead generation stalled their market growth, as the team’s strengths were more in managing client relations and handling technical aspects than in the complex process of lead generation.

Recognizing the need for strategic change, the Client realized their resources were inefficiently used on prospecting, diverting attention away from essential activities like nurturing client relationships and closing sales. In response, they chose Callbox for its specialized expertise in multi-channel ABM lead generation and appointment setting, aiming to streamline their sales approach and redirect their focus towards activities that drive growth.

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