EU Medical Training Leader Spanned Operations in the US Market with Callbox ABM Program

84 Sales Appointments

175 MQLs

547 LinkedIn Connections

Campaign Type
Lead Generation and Appointment Setting
Target Location
Target Industries
Medical Schools, Medical Centers & Offices, Hospitals, Government, Health & Physician Clinics
Target Decision Makers
Chief Medical Officer, Chief Clinical Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Directors, Administrators, Managers, Purchasing Leads, Office Managers, Physicians/Doctors

The Client

The Client is a pioneer simulation-based medical education provider in Northern Europe and a major global supplier of virtual reality simulators for medical training centers for practice, validation and certification programs across learner types such as students, surgeons, and medical doctors.

The Challenge

The Client serves a broad range of customers in Europe and has kept a strong business relationship with everyone in their client base. Their LapSim and EndoSim programs have given surgeons a platform to acquire fundamental technical skills of keyhole surgery before performing any OR procedure.

However, as new and innovative programs for team or staffed training were launched, plans of expansion followed. The Client decided to bring their medical simulation expertise to the United States. As expected, the job was not easy and they had to start from scratch. Although they have collected much data about the US market and have initially reached out to some prospects, the Client thought they still needed some help as they lacked tools and strategies that would help them reach new targets in a new target location.

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