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Information Technology and Services
Campaign Type
Lead Generation & Appointment Setting
Target Location
Target Industries
Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics and Travel, Telecommunications, Media and Technology
Target Decision Makers
Owner, Office Managers, IT Managers, Finance Managers

The Client

The Client is a US-based global provider of integrated information technology and knowledge processing services. The Client specializes in digital transformation, helping enterprises worldwide evolve their core by leveraging automation, scaled agile and platforms, application development and management, and infrastructure solutions.

The Challenge

Recognizing its problems in its in-house appointment setting service, the Client decided to outsource its lead generation and appointment setting to a third-party vendor. Still, the results from the Client’s outsourced vendor were underwhelming and lacked in quality. Leads and appointments were coming in but they’re not pushing through to actual sales.

The Client then sought Callbox’s expertise, following the referral of an industry partner.

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