Callbox Telephone Survey Primes the Pump for Market Expansion [CASE STUDY]


Callbox Telephone Survey “Primes the Pump” for Market Expansion


Callbox Telephone Survey Primes the Pump for Market Expansion - THE CLIENT

The Client is the Asia-Pacific unit of a Denmark-based pump manufacturing and mechanical engineering firm. The company produces and markets various types of pumps for buildings, industrial facilities, OEMs, water supply, and other uses. The Client currently operates in 55 countries with a total workforce of more than 19,000 employees and annual revenues of around $3.9 billion.

Commercial Buildings, F&B, Agriculture, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Water solutions, Manufacturing, Industrial, Automotive, Marine, HVAC OEM, Family homes


As part of the company’s planned expansion push into a number of Asia-Pacific markets, the Client commissioned a detailed market study designed to assess three key areas of risk and opportunity:

  • The target market size, growth drivers, revenue potential, and possible expansion hurdles
  • The Client’s competitive position in each of the target markets
  • Market characteristics and potential expansion strategies

The study’s data collection plan included conducting a phone survey of 1,500 respondents from 11 Asia-Pacific countries to be completed within a 25-day period. Given the limited size of its in-house market research team and the tight timetable involved, the Client decided to contract a third party to handle the phone survey.

The Client chose Callbox after a thorough screening process, citing Callbox’s track record developing and managing campaigns with very tight schedules, as well as Callbox’s experience reaching out to contacts in many of the Client’s target geographical areas.

  • Conducted a 25-day telephone survey of respondents spanning 11 APAC countries
  • Achieved nearly 110% of project targets within the required completion time
  • Tripled reach rates by providing a targeted contact list

Callbox Telephone Survey Primes the Pump for Market Expansion RESULTS


To gauge Callbox’s capabilities, the Client wanted to start the project with a pilot survey of 50 respondents. The initial results met the Client’s expectations, and the company gave the go-ahead for Callbox to carry out full-scale surveys in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and seven other APAC countries.

The Client required Callbox to use the Confirmit CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system for this survey. Since Callbox had extensive experience with CATI systems, the team was able to go live with the calls after just two days of training.

Callbox polled the target contacts’ perception of the Client’s products to help the company better assess its market position. Customers of the Client’s direct competitors were also asked for their feedback about their current suppliers, which gave the Client’s market research team the data they needed to determine the company’s competitive position.


Callbox wrapped up the campaign within the specified completion time, polling a total of 1,625 valid respondents.

This exceeded the project’s requirements by a significant margin, and the Client was quite satisfied with the results that the company also hired Callbox to carry out phone surveys for their EMEA market positioning study.

During the campaign’s first few days, Callbox relied on the Client’s contact list, but with reach rates only hovering around 20%, it was decided to use a list compiled by the Callbox team. The Callbox-supplied list helped the campaign lift reach rates to 60%.

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