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Successful lead generation campaign image that says "Callbox Taps Ontario Auto Dealership Market for IT Sales Opportunities"

Callbox Taps Ontario Auto Dealership Market for IT Sales Opportunities

Sales Appointments
Social Media Connections
Bowmanville, ON
Bowmanville, ON
Campaign Type
Lead Generation
Target Location
The Province of Ontario, Canada (excluding Ottawa)
Target Industries
The Province of Ontario, Canada (excluding Ottawa)
Target Contacts
CIO, IT Director, IT Manager

The Client

The Client specializes in IT solutions for automotive dealerships designed to streamline sales, marketing, and customer support processes. These solutions include end-to-end ecommerce portal, reputation management services, lead generation services, website conversion optimization tools, and fully-integrated CRM platform.

The Challenge

The Client operates out of Ontario and primarily sells to dealerships representing major automotive brands, and targets both franchised and independent dealerships throughout the province of Ontario.

In order to sell to this market, it employs a small sales team that performs both marketing and sales responsibilities. The team assigns prospecting activities to an inside sales rep who carries out much of the research and initial contact. While in-person and phone follow-ups are delegated to the rest of the internal team.

Although the Client already does business with a sizable number of dealerships, primarily in the Greater Toronto Area and nearby regions in the province, it wanted to expand into other Ontario locations.

To achieve its growth objectives, the Client outsourced part of its marketing efforts, particularly lead generation and appointment setting, so that their sales team can focus on nurturing and follow-up.

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