Callbox Remodelled Success For Interior Design Expert [CASE STUDY]


Callbox Remodelled Success For Interior Design Expert


The Client is a 15-year old interior design and remodelling expert that transforms ideas into reality for their clients through the latest trends in interior design solutions and high quality workmanship.

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The Client started the business in 2002 mainly focusing on residential customers. Just two years after the company’s inception, they were awarded with brand certifications, achieving a level of recognition and credibility that attracted more and larger businesses. However, despite the significant increase in customers, they found their sales process was impeded due to missing and inaccurate information in the database. The Client decided to outsource to a lead generation company that could provide accurate customer profiling and the best nurturing strategy. Such need was specifically addressed by Callbox.

• Remodelled Client’s outdated and inaccurate database
• Optimized use of the Lead Nurture Tool for lukewarm leads
• Leveraged SMART Calling which expedited the sales process


The first 4 weeks of the campaign generated 8 leads. Another 8 leads were generated by the 8th week and as more contacts were completely profiled, 8 more were gathered by the 12th week which summed up to a total of 24 leads for the first campaign period – just right on target.

By the time the second campaign period commenced, the team was more familiar and confident in handling the campaign, as confirmed by the 9 leads that were generated in the first 4 weeks, another 9 by the 8th week and yet another 10 by the time the campaign concluded in the 12th week, bringing the total to 28 leads for the second campaign period.

All in all, the two campaign periods produced 52 leads, a result far beyond what the Client could have designed for themselves.

The success of the two campaigns built the Client’s trust with Callbox, not only leading to the Client’s decision to run another campaign in 2018 but referring three large companies which were all converted into warm proposals by the Callbox team.



1. Callbox’s customer profiling service rehabilitated the Client’s list.

2. Initial copies were sent to current email addresses and responses were tracked real time.

3. Active emails from prospects who responded, clicked links and visited the Client’s company website were saved for follow up calls.

4. Bounces were also filtered and saved for follow up calls for the agents to update as they speak with the prospect.


1. The Appointment Setting campaign aimed to uncover prospects’ need for creative interior design for a new office building or how open they were to consider renovating an old one.

2. With the use of Callbox SMART Calling process, the team was able to filter targets who were ready to move further down the sales funnel.

3. Prospects who agreed to speak with the Client were sent calendar invites to keep them reminded of the appointment schedule.

4. Those who weren’t ready yet were saved for further nurturing. The team sent e-brochures via Callbox’s Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool. The e-brochures contained product and services features, links to query forms. FAQs, company website and a link to set an appointment once prospect is ready to discuss. The appointment set link was managed by the Callbox team.

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