Callbox Printed 3D Three Differentiated Campaigns For Co Marketing Specialist [CASE STUDY]


Callbox Printed 3D (Three-Differentiated) Campaigns For Co-Marketing Specialist


The Client is a 16-year specialist agency that helps businesses reach their marketing objectives by bridging the gap between sales and marketing.


Liaising with clients and creating co-marketing, direct marketing and channel marketing campaigns are the Client’s core competencies which they’ve honed and polished with more than a decade of experience running end-to-end B2B programmes. However, business had recently lulled due to challenges in their prospecting process, which promptly impacted their ROI.

The Client is the rare unconventional thinker who welcomes a partnership with the competition and recognizes in it the opportunity to progress the business. Such optimism opened doors for the Client to build a partnership with Callbox.


• Properly profiled contacts via Customer Profiling process
• Eased the prospecting process via Callbox’s SMART Calling
• Accurately tracked active responses via The Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool



1. A customer profiling campaign was rolled out to validate and update the databases.

2. Contact details like company and business names, address, phone numbers, email addresses and social media accounts were updated to ensure accuracy.

3. Contact validation was done by sending initial copies of the Client’s newsletters featuring the awards and accreditations they have received,
and also contained links to FAQs, the company website and a query box.

4. Active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, and queries were tracked via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and saved for

5. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the prospect.


1. The Client launched three consecutive lead generation campaigns for three of their clients which were all HP partners.

2. Active contacts that were filtered from the customer profiling campaign were prioritized and followed up via different channels (call, email, social, web and mobile) based on the prospect’s business buying behavior which was made possible by Callbox’s SMART Calling process.
3. Each campaign required 4 out of 6 probing questions be answered by prospects in order to provide substantial data for campaign consultant about the prospect’s current printing setup.

4. Prospects who agreed to speak with the Client were sent calendar invites to keep them reminded of the appointment schedule.

5. Leads were categorized as A, B, C and D based on the prospect’s need, interest, and purchase plans. “A” leads comprised of prospects who have the need to purchase within 3-6 months, “B” prospects are interested to explore, evaluate and open to discuss about a specific printer model, “C” prospects have the need to purchase or upgrade and “D” prospects are open to discuss but without specific printer model in mind.

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