Callbox Fueled Supply Chain Solutions Leader's Race to Success [CASE STUDY]


Callbox Fueled Supply Chain Solutions Leader’s Race to Success


The Client is a supply chain solutions provider which is one of three interconnected networks under a global sourcing company with 30 years of experience in licensed and bonded warehousing and supply chain services that has anchored long-term clients from the Retail, FMCG, Footwear & Apparel and Food & Beverage industries.

It prides itself in its team of experienced logisticians and endless pursuit to technology innovation to continuously provide hybrid supply chain solutions including complex contract logistics in warehousing, very high range and volume of value added processes, local distribution, brokerage and international import and export freight services.


Singapore and Malaysia

Owners (small business), Procurement Manager (medium business)


The Client saw that the competition in the fast-changing logistics industry was becoming intense as more and more industry players joined the race, and felt the need to become more aggressive and go further down the track – increase brand awareness and widen their reach in the ASEAN market. However they lacked the energy – the marketing strategy that would fuel them in running the course. Callbox had the answer.


The Callbox team leveraged their multi-channel marketing program and carefully strategized to achieve the best results from each element – voice, email, social, web, and mobile. Concurrent with the daily calling was the customer profiling activity – updating company name, contact name, address, phone and mobile numbers, email and social media accounts and industry category or SIC code. As more contacts were updated and verified, more meaty DM conversations transpired. These conversations gave the Client a better opportunity to analyze customer needs, anticipate challenges, design options and set up contingency plans.

Another factor was the increase in volume of email communications delivered and received – references that bore relevant information on the Client’s fast, reliable, and cost-effective logistic solutions. The email marketing has made the Client’s brand more known to a larger target audience which apparently drew email replies from interested prospects.

Appointment setting was boundless – the caller was given the options of either booking an office appointment or setting a phone meeting (whichever is preferred by the prospect) anytime during business hours. Such flexibility drove a good, increasing number of highly-qualified leads for each campaign month.


Callbox’s multi-channel marketing program delivered a total of 37 appointments for the Singapore campaign, and 13 for the Malaysia campaign. In addition to the satisfactory number of high-converting appointments generated, the following successful results were achieved from the multi-channel marketing program:

  • Customer Profiling improved data quality and increased accessibility for the Client to engage with a much targeted audience.
  • Email Marketing boosted brand awareness and heightened interest among target customers.
  • Appointment Setting widened their market reach and accelerated lead acquisition by 25% in the ASEAN market.

This global supply chain solutions provider is a strong and powerful leader in the logistics industry, empowered to compete, innovate and fearlessly take risk at any course of the business.

Callbox’s multi-channel marketing program has indeed energized the Client’s aggressive campaign to run faster and finish off with a more targeted database, boosted brand awareness and widened market reach in the supply chain solutions industry race.

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