Callbox Delivered Results For Global Logistics Leader


The Client is part of the world’s postal and logistics leader that entrench different business units like parcel, forwarding, eCommerce, freight and supply chain, and has presence in 220 countries.


This logistics leader annually holds events for the different industries they serve for more than three decades now such as product or service launch, awards and symposiums. However, in recent years, the number of attendees has dwindled as competing logistics companies have ran one event after another.

As part of their marketing strategy, the Client decided to outsource to a lead generation expert who possesses not just rich experience in the field but at the same time uses tactical lead generation tools and processes that would expedite tasks – Callbox.


• Updated inactive and validated active contact details via Customer Profiling campaign

• Filtered the most available prospects for the event via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool

• Confirmed a good number of attendees via Callbox’s SMART Calling system



Callbox first ran a Customer Profiling campaign in order to filter active target guests for the Client’s business awards event.

1. Initial emails of the invite containing details of the upcoming event were sent to target guests.

2. Active emails from guests who responded, clicked links, asked questions via query boxes and visited the Client’s company website were saved for follow-up calls.

3. Through the responses, the Callbox team was able to filter the most available prospects to follow-up with.

4. Bounces were filtered and saved for follow-up calls for the agents to update as they spoke with the prospect.


The business awards event was purposed not just to engage clients and business partners but build rapport with the different industries they serve and for brand recall.

1. With the help of the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the team was able to profile the most active contacts in the database; information like contact name, address, contact numbers and email address were updated.

2. Initial email invites that garnered replies were set for follow-up call to confirm the prospect’s attendance to the event.

3. Calendar invites were set for confirmed guests to ensure that they are reminded of the event schedule.

4. Callbox’s SMART Calling system drew a good number of confirmed guests during the team’s confirmation call which was done two days before the event.


The Callbox team multi-tasked on sending invites and profiling the contact details during the first 4 weeks but in the same period 70 guests have already accepted the invitation and confirmed attendance.

On the 8th week, as almost all invites have been completely sent out and received by prospects another batch of 70 guests said yes to attend.
The 12th week of the call to invite campaign drew 110 confirmed guests which brought the campaign to successfully close at a total of 250 confirmed guests to the business awards event.

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