Callbox Brings Back Sunny Days for Solar Leader

The Client

Industry: Solar
Location: US
Headquarters: US

In 2016, a study showed that 39% of all new electricity generation capacity in the US came from solar while a year earlier showed that solar employment has overtaken oil and gas as well as coil employment. The Client is a proud contributor to these statistics – a leader in construction and home improvement who empowers the community it serves to lead a better life with clean, sustainable and economically advantageous solar energy solutions.

Campaign Type

B2C Appointment Setting (Solar Panel Installation)

Campaign Target Criteria

Location: New Jersey and New York
Industries: Residential

The Challenge

The solar energy provider has been enjoying the warm welcome of NJ and NY households for more than 50 years now – allowing their homes and businesses to be improved by the Client through service packages that include custom designs, professional solar installation and best purchase options, until several issues arose in 2012 warning consumers of solar energy as a threat to electric grid operators – a battle among energy providers which loomed collapse in the solar business.

The campaigns waged by electric monopolies against solar energy use caused a great decline in the Client’s revenues, thus generating other issues which compelled the need for a much competitive marketing strategy that can battle the then on-going, intense energy wars.

In 2015, the Client set to complete 400 installations. However, 160 or 40% did not sign a contract and took other options instead. The Client’s revenue fell short of $1,600,000 (at an average of $10,000 per package).

“The threatening scenario has to end” the Client thought. They needed to gain the lost targets (customers and revenue) back so they implemented an in-house telemarketing campaign with the hopes of recalling those who retracted from the deal, but ended up with dismal results. With this, the Client decided to outsource.

The Callbox Solution

Since the problem sprung from reports about utilities that waged a campaign against the solar industry, Callbox proposed an “eye for an eye” solution to the solar leader – an information drive via Email Marketing and Appointment Setting program which the solar leader approved.

Email Marketing via Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool

Utilizing the winning capabilities of Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool to send the right message to the right prospect at the right time, PDF brochures containing links to comprehensive information and answers to customers’ possible queries about the true benefits of using solar panels were delivered to target customers.

Aside from validating the email address and other important information of the contacts, the lead nurturing process helped the Callbox team to be able to grab the prospect’s’ attention, educate them on how they can save money from using solar energy at home and and got them engaged to hear the Client’s better offer. This has eased the process of setting appointments between the prospect’ and the Client’s solar consultants.

Appointment Setting Through SMART Calling

After the initial copies were sent out, all actions taken by the prospects like replies, clicked links and downloads were tracked and configured based on lead scores to determine their reachability – who and when to call.

The call process was quite rigid as the callers were required to completely gather the important information from the prospects and have at least three, if not all five, probing questions answered, for the Client to provide the prospects with the best solar solution package.

The Results

Powered by Callbox Pipeline’s SMART Calling system, the Callbox team reached a significant number of prospects, exceeding the Client’s expectations.

  • 240 Total Appointments were produced from the campaign (128 or 80% out of the 160 target customers regained, and additional 112 new target customers were  acquired by the Callbox team)
  • 204 (85%) of the 240 were converted to proposals and eventually closed

The Client previously targeted a total of $4,000,000 net revenue for 2015. However, the campaign production of 204 plus the current 240 customers combined, brought a total $4,440,000.00 net revenue or 11% higher than the earlier target.


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