Callbox ABM Lead Generation Campaign Pooled New Clients For HR Leader

  • 72 Appointments Set

  • 36 MQLs

  • 342 Requested for Info

  • 97 For Follow-ups

  • 59 Callbacks

  • Industry


  • Location


  • Headquarters


  • Campaign Type

    Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

  • Target Location


  • Target Industries

    Education and Health, Financial, IT, Public Administration…

  • Target Decision Makers

    HR Director, Manager and relevant HR contacts

The Client

The Client is a premier human capital management solutions provider, and has been servicing Sydney with comprehensive recruitment, education, migration and human resource consulting for over fifteen years. Its wide range of in-demand services and customized advice have helped businesses hire the best-fit candidates.

The Challenge

Competition makes the business matter, but getting ahead in the row and staying relevant in the market can be quite tough when you have a load of challenges to cope. The influx of talent that made it overwhelming for recruiters to choose, lack of speed in the hiring process due to insufficient qualified applicants and out of date strategies were among the major problems that the Client faced.

The need for new tools was incontestable, but the Client forewent the idea as the length of the implementation process might prolong the agony. Nonetheless, they found the best alternative action which is to outsource their lead generation efforts from an expert.


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