Client Success Story

Callbox ABM Builds a Huge Market Potential for Micro Devices Leader

Sales Qualified Leads
Marketing Qualified Leads
Social Media Connection
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Target Industries
Cloud Consulting Partners
Target Contacts
CIO, CTO, CEO, MD, GM, Country Manager, Sales Team, Cloud Operations Director/Architect, Presales, loud Engineer, Solution Architect, Procurement, Cloud Business User

The Client

The Client specializes in subscription billing and usage based-pricing, accelerating business growth for UCaaS, Telecom, Enterprise and IOT marketplace. Their wide array of platforms let them easily integrate with other packages such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite and Oracle.

The Challenge

The Client simply wanted to widen its service to customers who need flexible billing options, tailored for the amount of service that they use or specialized billing options, far from fat billing can provide, and let customers maximize revenue opportunities from monetizing services.


The six-month ABM Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign has just capped its third month, and has so far delivered satisfactory results with 39 Sales Qualified Leads, 300 Marketing Qualified Leads and 244 Social Media Connections. With the number of MQLs that the Callbox team has generated, the campaign is expected to bank more SQLs in the succeeding months

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