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Client story image banner with text "Big Tech Brand Reaps Rewards from Long-term Partnership with Callbox"

Big Tech Brand Reaps Rewards from Long-term Partnership with Callbox

Singapore (SG)
Singapore (SG)
Campaign Type
Appointment Setting, Event Marketing, Call-to-Invite
Target Location
Singapore and the Philippines
Target Industries
Target Contacts
IT Manager, IT Director, CIO, Systems Administrator, General Manager, Operations Manager, CFO, Head of Finance

The Client

The Client distributes and markets a diverse portfolio of IT, industrial, construction, automotive, digital media, and consumer products. The company operates in seven Southeast Asian countries and is headquartered in Singapore.

The Challenge

Marketing in complex-sale verticals, such as IT and manufacturing, carries a special set of challenges. The conversion funnel is usually longer and nonlinear, and the process requires connecting with multiple decision-makers. That’s on top of the relatively steep learning curve needed to understand and communicate what the product or service brings.

For the Client, these form the basic requirements when teaming up with third-party agencies that handle part of their marketing programs. The company combines inbound efforts (mainly done in-house) with outbound tactics (mostly outsourced to providers). Prospecting and lead generation are the activities that the Client typically delegates to an outside marketing company.

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