B2B Mobile Marketplace Gets Clear Buying Signals from New Prospects



The Client is a CA-based software company that offers a cloud-based mobile e-commerce platform for various types of hospitality business establishments. The company sells to small- to medium-sized retail shops, food and drinking places, and other hospitality establishments across the United States.

Food & Beverage, Retail Trade, Services

Owner, Restaurant Manager, Marketing Manager, General Manager


The Client designs and develops an integrated digital marketplace that helps SMB operators of hospitality establishments to boost mobile visibility. Its primary app allows companies to attract foot traffic by improving their discoverability via local and mobile searches.

As a small and nimble player in the B2B digital marketplace vertical, the Client wants to move fast and maintain its growth momentum, especially now with the threat of new entrants looming over the horizon.

This led the company to adopt proactive growth hacking initiatives that combine both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Recently, the Client decided to outsource most of its outbound prospecting operations, so that its in-house marketing team could focus on handling inbound leads and nurturing warm opportunities.

The Client was very clear about its requirements for an outsourced marketing partner. First, the provider needed to have adequate resources to cover a USA-wide campaign. Second, the agency must be able to support targeted outreach across the different segments the Client was looking to enter.

  • Completed a USA-wide campaign that targeted small- to medium-sized hospitality establishments
  • Generated results that exceeded targets by at least 20% within the set project timeline
  • Enabled the Client to maintain growth momentum by accelerating the flow of potential customers into their sales pipeline



The Client had to narrow down a long list of potential marketing partners before choosing Callbox. The company pointed out Callbox’s lengthy track record of managing campaigns that spanned the United States and its massive data resources as the two main factors behind their choice.

Callbox and the Client then worked out a comprehensive campaign plan that centered around integrated appointment setting carried out through a mix of phone, email, and social media touchpoints. The plan’s main objective was to introduce the Client’s music video streaming service and then book interested prospects for a follow-up phone meeting with the company’s reps.

Callbox campaigns typically consist of three main activities: target customer profiling, outreach activities, and nurturing/conversion. Here’s how each was applied to the Client’s campaign:

Target Customer Profiling

  1. The Client primarily sells to SMBs that operate retail shops, recreation/entertainment centers, food and drinking places, and other related establishments.
  2. Based on the Client’s current roster of customers and its target prospect profile, it was determined that the ideal decision makers to connect with were owners, restaurant managers, marketing managers, and general managers.
  3. Using these specifications, a list of potential contacts was compiled and validated by the Callbox team and approved by the Client.

Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Outreach

  1. The campaign’s outreach cadence started out with an intro email and then followed by a sequence of one-on-one sales conversations, targeted LinkedIn engagements, and additional personalized email touches.
  2. The main messaging strategy was crafted in a way that positioned the Client’s digital marketplace platform as a viable solution to the challenges prospects face in improving their mobile presence.
  3. The Callbox team prepared and optimized all materials used in the campaign including call scripts, email templates, landing pages, and social media posts.

Nurturing and Conversion

  1. Campaign activities were managed using Pipeline CRM, and touch points were coordinated and organized using Pipeline’s Lead Nurture tool.
  2. Prospects who agreed to a phone meeting with a rep from the Client were tagged as qualified appointments, while promising prospects that need more follow-up were handed off as completed leads.
  3. Email replies, responses to requests for information, and response handling were processes by specialists from the campaign team.


The Client considered 11 of the 73 appointments as “very promising” in that these prospects expressed “clear buying signals” during their meetings with reps.

The campaign completed all appointment setting activities within three months (or 66 days). The project also achieved all the key metrics set by the Client and Callbox within the predetermined timeline.

Callbox handed off a total of 73 qualified appointments and 116 completed leads. Going into the campaign, the Client expected to receive at least 20 phone meetings each month from the Callbox team. This means the results exceeded targets by more than 20%.

In addition, by the end of the campaign, the Client considered 11 of the 73 appointments as “very promising” in that these prospects expressed “clear buying signals” during their meetings with reps.


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