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Callbox Delivers a Grand Slam for Global Printing Giant [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Delivers a Grand Slam for Global Printing Giant

Sales Appointments
Profiled Contacts
Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Manufacturing, Printing
Wood Dale, IL, United States
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Data Profiling, Event Marketing, Call-to-Invite
Target Location
Singapore (SG), Australia (AU), Malaysia (MY), Philippines (PH), Thailand (TH), South Korea (KR), India (IN), USA, APAC
Target Industries
Construction, Automotive, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Medical, F&B, Industrial
Target Contacts
Production, Quality, General Management, End users, Production Managers, Maintenance Managers and Purchasing / Procurement Managers, Operation Managers, Facilities Managers, Finance Managers

The Client

The Client is a world-renowned manufacturer of coding, printing, and laser marking products, fluids, and accessories for the product identification industry. Their company has over 325,000 units installed worldwide, serving 135 countries, and is widely considered as the leading expert in continuous inkjet (CIJ), laser marking, thermal inkjet (TIJ), thermal-transfer overprinting (TTO), case coding and labeling, and wide array printing.

The Challenge

The Client wanted to cleanse their Asia Pacific list containing more than 10,000 contacts, most of which are obsolete and inaccurate. The campaign was to zero-in on the manufacturing industry, using Customer Profiling for basic information such as name, job title, company, address, phone, and email. This also includes segmenting the list according to each contact’s location in the Asia Pacific region.

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