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Successful appointment setting campaign for Callbox ABM Accelerated Product Launch for Infrastructure Software Lead

Callbox ABM Accelerated Product Launch for Infrastructure Software Lead

Net New Prospects
North America (NA), South America (SA), Europe (EU), Middle East (ME), Asia Pacific
Pennsylvania, United States (PA, USA)
Campaign Type
Appointment Setting
Target Location
Singapore (SG), Malaysia (MY), Philippines (PH), Indonesia (ID), Thailand (TH), Vietnam (VT), Sri Lanka (LK), Bangladesh (BD)
Target Industries
Mining, Construction, Contractors, Project Management, Manufacturing, Transportation & Public Utilities, Engineering, Architects, Plant Businesses
Target Contacts
Project Lead, Project Coordinator, Project Architect, Design Lead, Engineering Coordinator, Project Director, BIM Manager/Director, Principal Architect

The Client

The Client is a software development company that develops, manufactures, licenses, sells and supports computer software and services for the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure.

The Challenge

The Client launched a new product and wanted to promote it to a larger audience in the Asean region. They needed a prospecting partner who can provide them with a holistic marketing approach and a good database to run the project, which required outbound activities like voice and email and creation of marketing collaterals, to efficiently and effectively promote the product.

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