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About Belkins

Belkins is lead generation and appointment setting company founded in 2017. Belkins helps B2B companies maximize their sales potential by facilitating their lead generation processes.

Belkins Reviews

Customer reviews increase a business' credibility. Reviews offer a potential customer a sneak peek into what to expect from a lead generation service provider.


Google Reviews

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Clutch Reviews

97 Reviews

122 Reviews

G2 Reviews

74 Reviews

55 Reviews

Best Review

Callbox’s appointments had a 90% meeting rate, and their work received positive feedback from the client. They fostered a productive partnership through a communicative and responsive approach. Beyond their customer service skills, the quality of their appointments was impressive. Read full review

They have a robust knowledge of all things related to lead generation and always experiment with new approaches.

Belkins Services

Lead Generation & Research

The effectiveness of lead generation campaigns depends on reliable data. Examining their lead sources closely is the key to selecting the best lead generation provider:

  • Where do they get their data?
  • Do they carry out their own prospect research?
  • How often do they update and clean their leads database?
  • What type of data options do they provide?

Data Reasearch and Profiling

  • Consolidated data from 18 years of running 20K+ lead gen projects–supplemented with data from the top 3 B2B database providers
  • All data are human-verified over phone, email and/or SMM
  • Multiple relevant contacts per target account
  • Preliminary Research
  • Strategy Refinement
  • Plan Implementation


  • USA
  • Canada
  • APAC
  • ANZ
  • SEA
  • EMEA
  • Not specified

Data Options

  • Demographics
  • Firmographics
  • Intent Data
  • Technographics
  • Company Bulletin
  • Visitor Data
  • Vertical-specific Data (e.g.: no. of users, servers, etc.)
  • Demographics
  • Firmographics

Lead Generation, Sales Prospecting, and Appointment Setting

Lead generation campaigns are made up of many different channels and activities. It is necessary that outbound prospecting and inbound marketing activities are carried out across multiple channels while maintaining timely and relevant touchpoints with the right prospects.


Marketing Channels

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Social
  • Chat / Forms
  • Website / Landing Pages
  • Webinar
  • Ads
  • SMS
  • Instant Messaging (WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Email
  • Social
  • Ads
  • Content

Appointment Setting

  • Book appointments with qualified prospects
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Appointment rescheduling

Account-based Marketing

Personalized and timely touchpoints with all relevant contacts that impact the buying decision

    Webinar Marketing

    • Plan, promote, run and manage virtual event campaigns
    • Drive attendees or book meetings for live events whether you’re exhibiting or attending.

      Content Creation and Optimization

      • Call scripts
      • Email copies
      • Landing page
      • SMM profile
      • Chat bot flows

        Technology Stack

        Your lead generation program's success depends on how well you utilize your sales and marketing resources. To ensure unified sales, marketing, and service data, every component of a MarTech stack must be seamlessly integrated with one another.


        Dashboards and Reports

        • Email Metrics (deliverability, opens, clicks, replies, conversions)
        • Call Metrics (key call results)
        • SMM Metrics (engagement, conversions)
        • PPC Reports (impressions, engagement, clicks)
        • Webinar (registrants, attendees, absentees, Q&A, chat logs, polls, etc.)
        • Chat (inquiries, response time, conversions)
        • Email Metrics
        • Others not specified

        Marketing Automation and CRM

        • Callbox Pipeline
        • HubSpot
        • Callbox SMART Dialer
        • Callbox Lead Nurture Workflows
        • Integration with popular apps and services
        • Folderly
        • LeadsForce
        • HubSpot

        Belkins Clients


        Industries Served

        • High-tech
        • Technology
        • IT Services
        • Computer Software
        • SaaS
        • Telecom
        • Medical and Healthcare
        • Marketing and Advertising
        • Manufacturing
        • Financial Services
        • FinTech
        • Consulting
        • Logistics
        • Business Products and Services
        • Retail
        • eCommerce
        • Government
        • Manufacturing
        • Software Development
        • Information Technology & Services
        • Non-Profit
        • Retail & E-commerce
        • Blockchain
        • SaaS
        • Banking & Fintech
        • Advertising & Marketing
        • Computer Software
        • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
        • Renewable Energy
        • Services
        • Construction

        Customers Served

        20K+ Customers

        790+ Customers

        Notable Clients

        • Berkeley
        • TITAN Growth
        • Born & Bred
        • Cemtrex
        • Columus Chamber of Commerce

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