The Savvy Marketer’s Top Blogs in 2016 (and other Stories)

The Savvy Marketer’s Top Blogs in 2016 (and other Stories)

Last year was a year that many of us would probably remember more distinctly than the others. I don’t know about you, but it was a bad year in general. I mean, if I had 10 words to summarize the year, it would be, in no particular order: Syria, Orlando, Prince, George Michael, Zika, Craig Sager, Ali, Carrie Fisher, Leonard Cohen, Nice. Come on, I didn’t even include the Hiddleswift brouhaha, how bad Suicide Squad was (sorry, Marvel fan here), and my Warriors losing to the Cavaliers in the most shocking of sports upsets. I could even include Brexit and the US elections, but I would need more space, not to mention self-control to not use cuss words especially about the latter.

But 2016 was not all bad. On a personal level, it was better than the year before, missing out on a couple Coldplay tickets notwithstanding. Remind me to save more this year.

Now, if you’re in the sales and marketing industry – B2B, B2C, IT, software, etc – and happened to drop by our blog, The Savvy Marketer, it wasn’t a shabby year, either. Chances are, you’ve viewed and appreciated (or both) the blogs listed below, thank you. We sincerely hope they’ve helped you in one way or another. Here are our Most Viewed Blogs in 2016:

Top 5 Most Viewed Blogs in 2016

#1: Classification of Sales Leads: Hot, Warm or Cold

#2: Don’t Waste a Moment! See Sample Cold Calling Scripts

#3: The Problem With Telemarketing Today

#4: Review Sites Name Callbox Among the Best in Lead Generation Services

#5: Introducing: The Ultimate Lead Generation Kit To Jump start your Business! 

What did you learn from these blogs? Share your thoughts with us and our network of like-minded friends!

If I had a wish for anybody this year, it would be to find the love that keeps on giving. See, love never says “I have done enough.” (Ok, I saw it on a bumper sticker.) It just goes on and on and on. Well, some of you guys must have already found that love and I’m happy for you. For us at The Savvy Marketer, we’re more than happy to have people like you whose love for us manifests through your actions, like sharing our posts and articles and blogs on social media, emailing them to your friends, and basically just spreading good, useful news. For that, you deserve the highest high five and the tightest hug and a pat on the back that borders on a massage. Hey, keep on sharing the love! Here are our Most Shared Blogs in 2016:

Top 5 Most Shared Blogs in 2016

#1: SOCIAL INFLUENCERS: The Powers-That-Be

#2: CHAMP Methodology: Spot on Sales-Ready Leads with These Questions

#3: Introducing: The Ultimate Lead Generation Kit To Jump start your Business! 

#4: Influencer Interview with The “Return on Relationship” Expert: Ted Rubin

#5: Expanding Business in Asia

If you were to share to a friend any of the blogs above, what would it be?

Of course, all this walking down recent memory lane and feeding off our being sentimental human beings won’t be complete without recognizing the blogs that had the biggest ROIs. Yes, these are the ones that beckoned the gravy train. Why? Clearly, you guys believed they were worth more than a five-minute read. You guys believed our content have far more redeeming qualities in practice than on paper. And you patronized them, you patronized us. Our hearts are just jumping with joy, our aortas are about to burst, but in a good way! These are our Most Read Blogs (by Decision Makers) and apparently, Generated the Most Leads. Hurray!  

Top 5 Most Read (Most Lead-Generating) Blogs in 2016

#1: 3 Review Sites Name Callbox Among the Best in Lead Generation Services

#2: What’s the Best Marketing Strategy for Merchant Services?

#3: Generating Leads through Per Inquiry Advertising

#4: Curated: 13 Business Goals You Can Achieve Through Email Marketing

#5: What is B2B Telemarketing?

Have you read any one of our most read blogs last year? Share your insights. There you go!

Some of the good things that happened last year were the things that you helped make happen. Actually, the same happens most years. This year, with your usual (or maybe even more) support, and as long as Taylor Swift limits to three the poor men’s hearts she’s going to break, the Warriors get their revenge over the Cavaliers, and nobody tries to abolish Christmas, we’re expecting a more meaningful, and more bountiful year. Cheers!


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