The Callbox Guide in Handling Bad Reviews

The Callbox Guide to Handling Bad Reviews

Not everyone is perfect. Even if you are a multi-awarded B2B company that has handled the marketing campaigns of the world’s biggest brands, you still couldn’t run from bad light when it hits you.

Sure Callbox has had some successes in the past, but to ignore our share of negative reviews is just unnatural.

Like most B2B companies, Callbox strives to deliver hard hitting results for its clients through the use of various methods that may or may not bode well for them, depending on the circumstances. While we have a string of satisfied companies tied to our name, we also have a great deal of people that, well, didn’t get what they wanted or expressed doubts over our capabilities to deliver expected results (sniff).

Two of these issues we’ve been getting a bad rap for have been:

  1. The inability to deliver quality leads as promised, and
  2. The skepticism over hiring an outsourced lead generation service.

You really cannot please everyone, can you? Well, maybe you can, but apparently we can’t, as much as we try. But hey, we’re not about to hand out invitations to a pity party. We never have, and we’re not about to start now.

So how are we handling our current basket of rotten tomatoes?

Lead Nurturing and Pipeline

Callbox first started with telemarketing to acquire B2B leads and setting qualified appointments. At first, we were able to meet our clients’ expectations. But as the demand for lead volume grew, the production of quality leads went down. This eventually convinced us into using a multi-channel approach to engage our targets. Aside from telemarketing, we also have social media and email to help rake in the numbers our clients are asking for.

But we didn’t stop there. We also made sure that our clients enjoy campaigns producing only consistent results in terms of lead quality and volume. Hence, we introduced our Lead Nurturing Tool and Callbox Pipeline as our way of bringing added security and convenience to our clients via an effective integration with their Salesforce accounts, allowing for full transparency and control over the journey of each potential buyer across the sales funnel. Get a closer look of how our Callbox Pipeline process goes and for our take on effective lead nurturing, go here.

As expected, it did wonders to the bottomline of several high profile clients. One case study shows just how Callbox’s Pipeline and Lead Nurturing Tool helped one company average around around 12 face-to-face meetings and 23 appointments per week. The client’s sales team was able to move around 82% of all appointments towards the proposal stage, allowing it to close two deals within the first few weeks of the campaign. By then, it was able to gain three times as much as he had invested in Callbox to start the campaign.

Of course, there were no regrets!

Training Competent Staff

It really is okay to be skeptical about things, especially if they strike you personally as new. Companies wanting to try out outsourcing for the first time are often reluctant to make the move. Why? Because of the uncertainty tied to letting an independent, offshore firm handle one’s audience engagement activities.

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This perceived lack of faith is justified by the fact that most B2B marketing companies make extravagant claims about delivering so and so. We at Callbox are also guilty with that form of braggadocio, but at least we substantiate our words with real world successes. In more than a decade, Callbox was able to build a reputation as a trusted B2B partner for companies across various industries. This has provided us with considerable experience in handling engagements with different decision makers and in improving what we are currently doing right.

“Over a decade, we have worked with several big companies in the US and APAC region and most of our campaigns are successful. It is a matter of how you train your agents to be effective telemarketers, whether offshore or local” says Katrina Chua, Callbox Agent.

Reputation, Represent!

Often, we think about reputation as a mode for the expression of selfishness, as a vain attempt to outshine others. But that’s hardly the case when you want to offer services that can actually help businesses grow.

Reputation is not always an image-related issue. In fact, it’s mostly about letting your audiences know that you want to extend your hand to them and offer them effective solutions. But getting there wouldn’t be possible when you let a tainted rep stay tainted. For the most part, bad reviews are part of the solution to that age old problem about customer care. You use them to tune up your image, enabling you to stay focused towards meeting your client’s needs.

As Jim Rohn puts it: “One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.”

We could have said it better ourselves. Just this August we’re up by four! Ranked Among 10 Best in Lead Generation for August 2015

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