SMART Calling: What’s the Edge?

SMART Calling What's the Edge

Finally! You won’t need to chase prospects anymore.

In the article Callbox University – Continuing Education Program written by Callbox CEO himself, Rom Agustin, he said We continue to reinvent ourselves to keep up with the rapid advancements in lead generation technology and strategies. And to be competitive, we equip ourselves with more knowledge and upgrade our skill sets in order to stay in the forefront of the business.

Productivity meetings in Callbox conference rooms do not merely revolve around discussions on who pitched in the biggest dollar for the month or which team has gotten the highest numbers in their weekly KPIs. Callbox leaders meet and discuss matters that bring out insights on lead generation process enhancements, which has led to many an innovation, the latest and most outstanding of which is SMART Calling.

Ideally, the Callbox Pipeline uses a lead scoring system to figure out who the most sales-ready prospects are based on their demographic and behavioral scores.

But we just can’t stop reinventing so we made Pipeline even smarter by enabling it to predict WHEN the best time is to call a particular contact.

SMART Calling is a dialer technology that assigns a “reachability” score to contacts based on the following factors:

  • Lead score
  • Recency of the Last Call
  • Times of successful phone contact
  • Times of email opens
  • TImes of email replies
  • Times of website visits

Indeed, it’s a win win situation – your Callbox team will be calling the ripest prospects at the timeliest hours, and minimizing time wasted on not-availables, no-answers and voicemails. This means that more decision makers are spoken to, as more quality calls are made, which would result to more leads and appointments for you.

More than just getting a pack of appointments booked for you, we are taking your business into new grounds through SMART Calling by allowing you to:

Prioritize Calls In Real Time

SMART Calling prioritize contacts with highest reachability scores who are most ready to move further down the sales funnel in real time. This gives you a higher probability of speaking with your target decision makers.

Increase Sales Force Productivity

Your Callbox agent is able to maximize the calling hours on target decision makers who are most available to talk, and free unreachables like busy signals, voicemail, or no answers. A SMART Calling feature that will boost quality calls and high-converting leads.

Run A More Efficient Campaign

Campaign productivity is edging on more talk time and less idle time for the agent, as SMART Calling makes real time adjustments that eases the workflow in reaching your target prospect at the time they are most interested in to hear what you have to offer.

SMART Calling was created by the perceptive and skillful Callbox brainstormers who never get tired of creating and discovering new processes and tools to increase effectiveness.

Rom added in his article, “by learning and adapting change, each task becomes a commitment and each challenge coped, an achievement.”
Learn more about Callbox – University.

Now you need not worry about who, when and how to chase prospects, with Callbox and SMART Calling, they’ll surely come to you. 

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