Innovation Meets Business: Callbox Joins Finovate and Cloud Expo Europe 2024

Innovation Meets Business Callbox Joins Finovate and Cloud Expo Europe 2024

Live events are making a triumphant return to London, and two highly anticipated conferences, Finovate and Cloud Expo Europe, are poised to captivate the city’s financial and tech communities. These events will serve as a gathering place for industry leaders, decision-makers, and innovative companies, providing a platform for collaboration and growth.

At this year’s Finovate and Cloud Expo Europe conferences, Callbox, a leading global provider of lead management solutions, will be represented by its COO, Rebecca Matias. Callbox recognizes the significance of these events in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and fueling business growth. 

With a strong commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring the success of its clients, we eagerly look forward to engaging with industry leaders, exploring cutting-edge technologies, and establishing valuable connections at these prestigious conferences.

Here’s what event attendees can look forward to at these two big events:

Finovate Europe 2024

Callbox joins Finovate Europe 2024: Secure your Competitive Edge at the Forefront of FinTech Innovation

Finovate Europe is a leading fintech conference renowned for showcasing cutting-edge banking and financial technology. With a global presence in cities like NYC, London, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Cape Town, Finovate has become the preferred event for the latest industry innovations.

Taking place on February 27-28 at the InterContinental O2 in London, Finovate Europe 2024 will bring together 1,000+ decision-makers and 500+ financial institution representatives. The event will feature 35+ cutting-edge fintech demos and over 100 insightful speakers. 

Attendees can expect a dynamic experience with demos and presentations that offer valuable insights into the future of finance.

Top 3 reasons to attend Finovate 2024

  • Efficient Format: Finovate offers a focused format where demoing companies present their live technology within a limited timeframe, allowing attendees to quickly assess market trends and determine suitability for implementation.
  • Stay Ahead in Fintech: As a leading fintech conference, Finovate ensures attendees remain up-to-date with the latest industry innovations. By participating in the event, you can gain a competitive advantage and discover new opportunities before your competitors.
  • Top-tier Guests and Esteemed Audience: Finovate features a select group of industry experts, speakers, and innovators who deliver sessions designed to provide valuable insights. 

The event attracts a high-caliber audience, including senior decision-makers, financial institution representatives, fintechs, and investors, creating excellent networking opportunities and fostering meaningful connections within the global financial services sector.

Cloud Expo Europe 2024

Callbox joins CLOUD EXPO2024: Ignite Your Business for Unmatched Growth

Cloud Expo Europe is the definitive event for cloud technology innovators and business visionaries. With over 14,850 tech enthusiasts in attendance, this two-day event, held at ExCeL London on March 6-7, offers a unique platform for networking, discovering revolutionary cloud technologies, and engaging in stimulating cloud conversations.

Top 3 reasons to attend Cloud Expo Europe

  • Networking Opportunities: Cloud Expo Europe provides valuable networking opportunities for attendees to connect with industry peers, establish relationships, and explore potential partnerships.
  • Cloud Technologies: The exhibition floor at Cloud Expo Europe features a wide range of cloud solutions tailored to various needs, offering insights into scalability, sustainability, and effective cloud strategy implementation.
  • Informative Discussions: Engage in insightful discussions led by industry experts, focusing on the challenges and opportunities in the cloud landscape. Gain valuable insights to refine your cloud strategies and objectives.

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Blending leisure and business in the UK

The UK serves as a vibrant hub for B2B events, offering attendees a range of leisure activities and scenic locations to explore. From renowned landmarks like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace to the bustling streets of Camden Market and the tranquility of Hyde Park, there is a diverse array of options for attendees to enjoy. London’s rich history, cultural offerings, and world-class dining, theater, and shopping experiences provide a backdrop for attendees to relish during their downtime.

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Engage, explore, and ignite innovation in the UK with Callbox

Join Callbox at these conferences and engage with industry leaders in fintech and cloud technology. Our COO, Rebecca Matias, will represent Callbox as we contribute to shaping the future of the financial and tech industries.

See you there!