Everybody Who’s Anybody is at &Then16 and so is Callbox

Everybody Who’s Anybody is at &Then16 and so is Callbox

It’s mid-October and Los Angeles is abuzz. Last time this happened was in 1996, when then-teenager Kobe Bryant was about to play his first NBA game as a Laker. He’s retired from basketball after 20 long, fruitful years. But because mentioning Kobe and LA in the same sentence — though as regular and predictable as mac and cheese or cops and doughnut — sends even the casual fan grinning from ear to ear, one would think he’s coming out of retirement to save the Lakers.

No, he’s not.

But he’s back in LA for sure, this time in a different capacity – as one of the all-star speakers at &Then16, the annual event of DMA or the Direct Marketing Association.

Kobe Bryant will share the stage with Beth Comstock, first female vice chair of General Electric (founder of Hulu, a subscription on demand video service, and also on the board at Nike) and Simon Sinek, best-selling author and speaker. They have nothing in common, really, except that they’re all immensely successful individuals and leaders who have managed to put themselves at the top of the hierarchy in their respective fields. Let’s not even start talking about their bank accounts.

The DMA advocates the proper synergy of art and science and humanity in creating meaningful and rewarding connections, and there’s no better way to make it happen than for marketers to create an event for fellow marketers. Hey, if a government for the people by the people works fine, why not do it in marketing?

This year, like in the years past, hundreds of participants from all over the world will get to learn from more than 600 global brands, 400 speakers, and more than 150 events at &Then. There are also free one-on-one marketing assessments with real experts, helping marketers benefit from data-driven creative solutions. Cool, huh?

Like any other gathering of this magnitude, one of the most attractive perks is being in the company of everybody who’s anybody in the marketing sphere. It’s like the pleasure of seeing and being seen when you go to your favorite coffee shop. But there’s more to it than that. Callbox will be at &Then16, because we want to share with you the recipes that helped hundreds of our partners achieve their goals.

Wouldn’t it be great to talk and share ideas with like-minded and goal-driven people? So if you’re coming (I don’t see why not), we’ll be right next to you. Few things are enjoyed better with coffee.


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