Empowering Women in Marketing: Get to Know Rebecca Matias

All About Rebecca Matias

Forbes had named the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women for 2015  which featured extraordinary entrepreneurs, visionary CEOs, celebrity role models, billionaire activists, foremost heads of state, and pioneer philanthropists. who strove their way up to the ladder of success, primly eradicating sexism while promoting gender equality among humanity.

Callbox lauds such honorable achievements and draws inspiration from these iconic femmes.

In fact, 77% of its leadership core are women with adept knowledge and competitive skills in the business.

Let’s get to know one of them – Rebecca.

As Callbox’s Business Development Manager, Rebecca has a lot on her plate. She is greatly responsible for spearheading projects to increase brand awareness, coordinating public relations efforts, and identifying market opportunities as well as direct marketing efforts to penetrate these new markets.

Her vast 8-year experience in the sales and marketing field honed her expertise in closing business deals with potential partners. Alongside is the accountability to understand and develop a Callbox solution to address clients’ business needs.  

Prior to her BDM role, she was an Account Manager and was responsible for maintaining and strengthening relationships with clients through consistent customer contact.

Rebecca worked her fingers to the bone.

Diplomas of Masters in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Chemical Engineering from a prestigious academe, Ateneo de Davao, in Davao Philippines,  were her passports to success.

Her career premiered as a Network Planning and Joint Operations Analyst for Business Development with Shell Oil Company in February 2004. She was responsible for periodically reviewing, preparing, and updating the Country Master Plan for Distribution (CMP-D) by recommending main strategies and programs for achieving best practices in distribution, and identifying the required distribution facilities for the trade of main fuels.

In May 2006, The Louis Berger Group for a USAID Infrastructure and Livelihood Project opened doors for her as a Deputy Team Leader, Liaison, and Special Reports.

Her task was to establish and maintain linkages with the US Embassy, USAID, NGO partners, government agencies, and private sectors. She led the conceptualization and management of logistics, coordination, conduct, and evaluation of various events and ceremonies, including visits of US and GRP dignitaries on project implementation.

In a quick chat, she shared her lessons learnt: “The world changes every minute. you gotta keep yourself open to change and catch up”.

Rebecca believes that her roles and experiences from the two giant firms have enhanced her PR and communication skills which inspired her to gain grounds in other industries.

A go-getter.

Queck, as fondly called by her colleagues and everyone else in Callbox, never says “No” to any challenge.

What’s interesting about her is that she is always excited to try something new  – may it be a project, a travel, or an issue. She keeps an open mind to learn new knowledge and gain more skills out of these new things and experiences, which motivates her to carry out new ideas, solutions, and innovations that will give, not only her but everyone else in the company, room to grow.

Queck stands on the principle: “Always do something you’re not ready to do, that you’re not even sure you CAN do. It’s in those moments you overcome something impossible that you grow”.


Best Achievement

The short but heartening conversation was concluded with a question; “What is your greatest achievement so far?”

She flashed the brightest smile and replied: My 1 year old son!”

Powerful women aren’t only those who were ranked by riches, media presence, and social impact, but they are those who are empowered with a “Can Do” attitude, and find inspiration in carrying out responsibilities while keeping a balance on both Life and Profession.

Rebecca has countless successes in her career and is considered to be one of the bigwigs in Callbox who selflessly contributed positive changes to the company, and will continue to share her innovative business ideas on upcoming projects.

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