Celebrating Callbox Pioneer LeadHers: Twenty Years of Women Empowerment & Leadership

Celebrating Callbox Pioneer LeadHers Twenty Years of Women Empowerment & Leadership

This year marks Callbox’s 20th anniversary, and as we celebrate International Women’s Day, it offers a perfect moment to commemorate our strides toward gender equity and acknowledge the outstanding women who have been central to our success. Over two decades, we’ve emerged as leaders in the B2B sector, thanks to our team’s resilience, creativity, and dedication. Among them, the women of Callbox have propelled us forward with their strength, wisdom, tenacity, excellence, and commitment.

In this special feature, we spotlight the pioneers—women whose efforts have not only shaped our corporate culture but have also fostered an inclusive environment where every voice is valued. This women’s month join us in honoring the women who continue to inspire and steer Callbox with their leadHERship and vision.

‘Bern’ to Lead and Transform

Bernadette Briones
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Let’s begin unfolding their journeys with an exceptional woman who has been pioneering Callbox’s success, Bernadette Briones. She has dedicated nearly half her life to the company, transitioning from her initial steps as an agent through roles as a team leader, account manager, and Business Development Manager (BDM), culminating in her significant position as a sales manager.

Berns has been a dynamic force throughout her tenure, actively engaging, contributing, and spreading knowledge across the team. Her initiatives have not only streamlined workflows but also significantly enhanced productivity, thus transforming the operational landscape of Callbox. Notably, her time as BDM has particularly elevated Callbox’s profile through her successful partnerships with Fortune 500 giants such as Google, Salesforce, and AWS.

As one of Callbox’s pioneers and a seasoned leader in tech sales, how have you seen the role and representation of women evolve within Callbox over the last 20 years, particularly in sales leadership and tech-oriented roles? 

“Callbox has always strongly believed in women’s leadership and sales skills. The majority of Callbox leaders have been women since it started. I’m fortunate to be working for a company that is not gender-biased, allowing me to thrive and grow in my chosen role regardless of my gender.”

Given your extensive experience and achievements at Callbox, how do you mentor and inspire the next generation of women at Callbox to overcome challenges and achieve their professional goals in a historically male-dominated industry? 

“I aim to inspire the next generation of women at Callbox by serving as a positive role model. For some women, envisioning themselves in leadership positions can be challenging without seeing other women in such roles. I hope my accomplishments within the company will empower the next generation to have confidence and see themselves as capable of succeeding in tech sales, a historically male-dominated field. Also, I strongly encourage the next generation of women to be more intentional about making space to learn who they are outside of work, because we are more than our job titles.”

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A Rose Blooms Among the Thorns

Jocelyn Mediavilla

From sales, let’s proceed to the tech department and meet the sole woman in her team when she first entered Callbox in 2005, Jocelyn Mediavilla. Her career transition from an analyst at a leading semiconductor company to becoming Callbox’s esteemed IT Manager is a testament to her resilience and expertise. She has successfully navigated through male-dominated environments, from her academic days to her expansive professional life, instilling a unique blend of open communication and mutual respect within her team.

Jocelyn balances her IT responsibilities with her role as a mother, emphasizing focused attention and clear communication in both realms. Under her leadership, the Callbox IT team has collectively achieved significant milestones, such as implementing security policies and conducting internal penetration and vulnerability testing.

As the IT Manager at Callbox and previously the only woman in your department, how have you navigated the challenges of working in a male-dominated tech environment, and what initiatives have you implemented to promote gender equity and inclusivity within your team?

“Having been immersed in male-dominated environments since my college days, this dynamic continued into my professional life, first as an Analyst at a leading semiconductor company, and later as an IT and Customer Support Engineer. In these roles, I often found myself among predominantly male colleagues, with most of my mentors and supervisors also being male.

Given my extensive experience working in such environments, I have found it particularly comfortable to engage in discussions with my male colleagues. We communicate openly, listen without judgment, ask questions, and learn from each other. These interactions not only deepen our mutual understanding but also contribute significantly to creating a more inclusive workplace for everyone.”

Balancing roles as a mother, wife, and IT Manager, how do you manage the demands of your personal and professional life? Moreover, how does your approach to balance and inclusivity influence your leadership style and the culture within your IT team?

“Balancing the roles of a mother, wife, and IT professional presents its own unique set of challenges. It demands focused attention on every task and requires the ability to prioritize effectively while setting clear boundaries. From my experience, I’ve come to believe that the cornerstone of managing both personal and professional demands effectively lies in strong communication skills. I also ensure that I dedicate time to family commitments without compromising my responsibilities at work. 

Open communication and flexibility stand as my top priorities in achieving balance, fostering inclusivity, and creating a welcoming culture within my IT team. I strive to cultivate a friendly work environment where everyone feels valued and respected, encouraging team members to openly share their experiences and concerns related to their tasks.”

Finding ‘Joy’ in the Finance Journey

Laurel Joy Madrid
Get to know Ms. Laurel Joy Madrid, the Finance Manager and the OG Cosmo Girl of Callbox. Watch this video.

Now, let’s get to know another OG of Callbox from the finance department, Laurel Joy Madrid, affectionately known as Joy. She has been pivotal to Callbox’s financial health since starting in 2004. She’s more than a Finance Manager; she’s a foundational pillar, ensuring not only financial stability but also fostering a culture where women feel empowered.

She became instrumental in establishing fundamental HR/Admin and Finance operations. Her meticulous efforts in developing financial processes, employee benefits systems, and ensuring compliance with governmental tax and license requirements have been crucial. Her leadership transcends mere financial management; it embodies Callbox’s commitment to equality, integrity, and operational excellence.”

As one of the pioneers and first managers of Callbox, how do you leverage your position to advocate for gender equity and support the professional growth of women within the company, especially in areas typically underrepresented by women?

“Callbox has proven to be an advocate for gender equity and is supportive of the professional growth of women, as evidenced by the number of women leaders in the company. Although I am not directly managing employees, I believe that encouraging them to excel in their jobs, regardless of gender, and showing appreciation for their achievements can help support them in my own way.”

Your positive outlook and empowering optimism are well-known among your colleagues at Callbox. How has this mindset contributed to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment, especially in promoting gender equity and empowering other women within the organization?

“Working in a company is not always a bed of roses; there are times when one encounters problems or issues that could ruin your day. However, instead of feeling down, be optimistic and find ways to overcome these challenges. For all you know, this approach could be effective in reducing stress, and you may be able to accomplish more tasks. That’s why I believe in the power of maintaining a positive outlook, which can provide many benefits to one’s personal and professional life. With this in mind, I hope to encourage everyone to practice positivity in the workplace, which helps in gaining the trust of employees and creates a pleasant and supportive work environment.”

Forming Callbox Gems with ‘Emerald’

Emerald Uy

Our special feature continues with Emerald, who has demonstrated versatility and leadership across various roles since joining the company in 2005. Beginning in the IT department, she seamlessly transitioned to roles such as B2C Sales Coach, Production Manager, and Marketing Head. Currently, she excels as a Senior Training and Development Specialist, shaping the next generation of Callbox’s Client Success Managers and Production Managers.

Her significant contribution lies in her foundational work with the Callbox Davao trainees, from interviewing applicants to leading the training of the first and second batches. Her pivotal role in establishing and nurturing the teams in Davao underscores her dedication to Callbox’s expansion and the professional development of its personnel.

As a Senior Training and Development Specialist at Callbox, how have you seen the approach to women’s leadership and empowerment evolve within the company over the years, particularly in the context of the Management Training program for Client Success Managers and Production Managers?

“For the past 20 years, the majority of leaders at Callbox have been women. Women often possess greater charisma and empathy, which are crucial when dealing with prospects and clients. Women can be meticulous which makes them organized and pay attention to detail in account management. They have a sense of reliability and trust among team members, leading to smoother operations and stronger teamwork.”

Could you share how your role as a mentor has impacted the promotion of gender equity and the development of women leaders within the organization? What strategies do you employ to ensure an inclusive and equitable learning environment?

“I provide support to all the team members, regardless of their gender, making them feel encouraged and supported during their training phase. I ensure our training programs align with their needs and am constantly seeking ways to improve and enhance the experience for everyone. My goal is to help everyone shine and, most importantly, to promote inclusion and respect.”

A Mother’s Touch in Database Precision

Juliet De La Mar

This time, we now turn the spotlight to another remarkable leader, Juliet De La Mar. Joining Callbox in  2007 as a Customer Service agent, her journey exemplifies dedication and adaptability. She transitioned from database support for Marketing APAC in 2012 to becoming the Marketing Database Production Manager in 2022. 

As a single mother, her nurturing approach extends beyond her home to her team, blending maternal wisdom with strict, organized professionalism. Her story represents collaborative success and the power of collective effort, underpinned by a profound love for her son and a steadfast commitment to her family and faith.

From starting as a CS agent to becoming the Marketing Database Production Manager, how has your journey at Callbox been influenced by your role as a mother, and how do you believe this has impacted your leadership style? 

“I see notable similarities between my role at Callbox and my responsibilities as a mother. Understanding the team’s goals and addressing their needs is crucial, much like nurturing a child. I engage in discussions, gather for team huddles, and maintain an open-minded approach to their input. Patience is key, as meeting their needs often involves a process of trial and error. It may work perfectly on the first attempt, or it may require several iterations. My commitment to them is driven by a desire to deliver the best possible outcomes, just like a mother’s goal to provide the best for her children.”

Given your strict, organized approach and passion for your work, how do you balance maintaining high standards and order while fostering an environment that supports women’s empowerment and professional growth? 

“Being a single mother has significantly contributed to this balance as well. I diligently separate and balance my professional and personal lives to ensure I give my best to both. At work, I maintain focus, ensuring everything is properly organized and aiming to prevent any post-work issues. I complete daily tasks because each day brings new challenges, and I delegate responsibilities to my team, who might offer innovative solutions. Once I leave Callbox, my attention fully turns to my personal life, particularly attending to my son’s needs. Witnessing the team’s success, celebrating a team member’s promotion, mentoring new hires, and observing their development – these experiences are integral to my professional growth.”

Leading the Largest Pack

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We’re down to our final highlight, featuring a transformational woman who has trekked from humble beginnings to become a cornerstone of the company’s success. Melisa’s journey from a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to a Client Success Manager showcases her dedication and growth within the industry. Beyond her professional achievements, her story is not just about ascending through the ranks; it’s also about supporting her family and forging genuine relationships with key clients.

Melisa’s tenure of over 13 years as a CSM, combined with her current role as an Operations Manager, has been characterized by her relentless drive to boost revenue for her group. Her commitment has been a pivotal element of the company’s sustained growth, fostering a thriving and expanding team.

In your journey from an SDR to a Client Success Manager, and now Operations Manager at Callbox, how have you navigated the challenges of a male-dominated industry, and what initiatives have you undertaken to foster a more gender-inclusive environment within your teams? 

“I respectfully disagree with the notion that our industry is male-dominated. While we do have strong male leaders within the company, I’ve also had the privilege of working alongside incredibly competitive and driven female executives who inspire me to excel in my role.

Fair recognition and acknowledgment of everyone’s achievements help eliminate biases and ensure equal opportunities for all.”

Considering your journey from humble beginnings to a key leadership role at Callbox, how do you mentor and inspire other women in the company to overcome challenges and achieve their professional goals, particularly those supporting families while striving for career advancement?

“Throughout my nearly 18-year journey with the company, I’ve encountered numerous challenges, both professional and personal. However, each obstacle has presented invaluable opportunities for growth and learning, which I willingly share with my colleagues.

Setting clear goals and understanding the purpose behind our work are paramount. It’s crucial not to settle for comfort but to continually explore and challenge ourselves, expanding our capabilities. Embracing risks can lead to astonishing achievements beyond what we ever imagined possible.”

After delving into their individual stories, we asked two questions to all our women leaders, exploring their advice for young women and insights on leadership.

What’s your one piece of advice to the young women of this generation, encouraging them to take up spaces in society, particularly in leadership and traditionally male-dominated fields?


“Nowadays, young women are fortunate because they are living in an era where women are already making waves across the world. These women set great examples to follow. I hope this will inspire and motivate young women to join the movement to eliminate the gender gap in their chosen fields. I once attended a meeting with a female colleague where the client referred to us as ‘bro’ many times. Therefore, I want to advise these young women to learn to advocate for themselves significantly and have the courage to voice their opinions on important matters. This is crucial to be taken seriously, especially because of the ‘bro-culture’ that still exists in some workplaces to this day.”


“I believe that there are two essential lessons to learn from women leaders: the significance of empathy and teamwork. Women leaders often cultivate an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and encouraged to share their unique skills and ideas, irrespective of their background, identity, or perspective. This approach contributes to creating a more supportive and understanding workplace. Such a positive environment is exemplified by the IT team in their practices.”


“First and foremost, be your true self. Know your strengths as well as your limitations so you can focus on your personal and professional development. Also, seek advice from a reliable mentor or leader—someone from whom you can learn, who can motivate you, and who can bring out the best in you. Lastly, always maintain a positive outlook on life.”


“Believe in yourself. You possess unique skills and perspectives that are needed in all areas of life, including leadership and fields traditionally dominated by men. Be confident in expressing yourself and your ideas, without any inhibitions. Seek out mentors and individuals who support and believe in you. Most importantly, trust in yourself and your abilities. You have the power to break barriers and make a meaningful impact in your community.”


“Recognize your strength, as we are equally strong like men. Embrace mistakes and welcome challenges as opportunities for personal growth, development, and improvement. Feel empowered to speak up and stand firm when you know it’s the right way. Share your talents to multiply their impact and gain more fulfillment. Remember, everything originates from a higher source.”


“Gender has never been a barrier or an issue within our organization. Ultimately, our focus remains squarely on the capabilities and contributions of each individual employee. Be proactive, express your thoughts, and never hesitate to take the initiative.”

In your perspective, what’s the most valuable lesson or attribute that anyone can learn from women leaders?


“The most valuable attribute that anyone can learn from women leaders is the unique charm our femininity brings to effective leadership. Our natural ability to nurture relationships is a vital skill in leadership roles, particularly in today’s business landscape, where relationship-building is essential for closing deals.”


“Believe in yourself, stay focused, and don’t be afraid to challenge how things are usually done. Look for mentors and role models who can provide valuable advice and support as you move forward. Having people around you with experience can offer the insights and encouragement needed to grow and succeed.

True leadership is more than just following a set pattern; it’s about being real and honest, acting with integrity, and inspiring and lifting those around you. A good leader recognizes the potential in others and helps them reach it. Remember, being a leader isn’t about fitting a certain image; it’s about blazing your own trail with confidence and strength.”


“Gender is not a prerequisite for leadership; it’s your skills and leadership qualities that matter most.”


“Women leaders embody resilience. Throughout our careers and personal lives, we may encounter highs and lows, but it is our resilience that enables us to bounce back from challenges with strength and grace. This resilience serves as an inspiration to others, encouraging them to persevere even when times are tough.”


“Women leaders are flexible if they see that there is a better way to make things happen.”


“Be ambitious. Without setting your sights high, you’ll never reach the greater heights waiting for you”

As we wrap up this special feature in celebration of International Women’s Day, we reflect on the empowering narratives and invaluable insights from Callbox’s Pioneer LeadHers. Their journeys are not only testaments to their perseverance, innovation, and leadership but also serve as torches of hope and guidance for the next generation of women aspiring to make their mark in the world. 

Let their stories remind us of the power of diversity and the boundless potential of women in shaping the future of industries worldwide.

To all of the strong, resilient, and empowered women out there, Happy International Women’s Day!

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