Callbox: We’re Off to the Sales 3.0 Conference, Las Vegas!

We're Off to the Sales 3.0 Conference, Las Vegas!

The Callbox team is heading to the Sales 3.0 Conference, Las Vegas, the second leg of a three-part series of high-profile conventions aimed at sharing insights on Sales 3.0 technologies and methods.

The Sales 3.0 Conference offers sales executives and professionals strategies and best practices for driving sales performance and revenue growth. The two-day event, scheduled to take place on Sept. 18-19 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, will cover points and topics such as:

  • The Transformation to Sales 3.0
  • The Cognitive Era and What It Means for Sales
  • How to Build a High-Velocity Sales Assembly Line to Mass-Produce Sales
  • How to Influence and Win Deals with AI

The event features an impressive lineup of speakers that include sales managers, directors, and VPs from SAP Hybris, Strategic Pricing Associates, IBM, EcSell Institute, Revenue Storm, Oracle, SalesBuzz, Carew International, among others.

The Las Vegas convention comes hot on the heels of the successful Sales 3.0 Conference, San Francisco which took place back in May, and builds on the Sales 3.0 series’ focus on the role of AI and predictive analytics in shaping today’s sales processes and operations.

These topics are becoming increasingly relevant to today’s sales workflow since organizations are starting to reap the benefits of using tools like machine learning and AI. For example, more sales teams are now using AI-enabled lead scoring to help them predict which opportunities will close.

That’s why the Callbox team is excited to be at the Sales 3.0 Conference, Las Vegas. Callbox has always embraced and leveraged technology to maximize marketing and sales results for our customers–from the SMART predictive dialing engine that powers our call handling systems, all the way to the Lead Nurture Tool that places marketing automation at our client’s fingertips.

If you’re attending the Sales 3.0 Conference, Las Vegas, We’d love to chat with you there. Click the banner below and let’s meet up.

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