Callbox University – Continuing Education Program

Callbox University - Continuing Education Program

More than a decade back, I dreamed of getting myself somewhere; wanted to do more of the things I do best, and to change lives for the better.

The decade of persistence, ingenuity, and hard work has brought me up to higher levels of success in the business, and globally spotlighted Callbox among trusted B2B industry name brands in sales and marketing.

We pride ourselves with the awards and honors bestowed on us – a recognition of our unwavering thirst for excellence and innovation.

But we just can’t stop.

We continue to reinvent ourselves to keep up with the rapid advancements in lead generation technology and strategies. And to be competitive, we equip ourselves with more knowledge and upgrade our skill sets in order to stay at the forefront of the business.

“Change” has taken us to be where we are now and will take us further in the future. I took inspiration from this word which stirred my desire to get everyone in Callbox to constantly evolve through learning, acquire more skills, and adopt best practices to go the extra mile.

And from which Callbox University – Continuing Education Program was conceptualized, and eventually launched.

Our thought Training and Development leaders create modules on Process Management Improvement, Sales & Marketing Strategies, Tools Optimization, and resourcefully research for useful information in drafting materials like eBooks and Infographics.

Callbox University – Continuing Education Program is comprised of the following:

Up Training for Management Skills Improvement for Leaders

In-classroom training facilitation to improve leaders’ management skills to uphold their team’s performance KPIs. Driving a “walk your talk” character as role models in their respective group.

Webinar Viewing & Participation for Agents and Leaders on Call Strategies

Scheduled viewing of webinars that impart customer-centric knowledge and solid prospecting strategies, making everyone become more involved by participating in knowledge check and feedback at the end of each session.

Up Training and Review Classes on Process Updates and Tools Optimization

In-classroom training facilitation on process and services updates, tools optimization mainly focusing on managed marketing automation, systems integration, and quality.

Reading Materials like eBooks and Infographics

Distribution of reading materials to leaders and agents to review, and enhance knowledge retention of lessons/information discussed from in-classroom trainings.

HR & Administrative Processes

The learning opportunities through Callbox University – Continuing Education Program are not limited to the operational aspects of the business alone but spreads through the different sections of the organization which partly incorporates HR and Administrative Process Review as well.

Callbox University – Continuing Education Program brings out the best in each individual and in what he does. By learning and adapting to change, each task becomes a commitment and each challenge coped an achievement.

I continuously commit myself to achieve more for the better, not materially but personally – not for myself but for my family and the people who embody success in my craft, the people who fought tooth and nail with me since then until now and for the people I am living that dream with.

I want them to strive for themselves and to grow individually because everyone at Callbox is family.

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