Callbox Among the Top 10 Lead Generation Companies During COVID-19

Callbox Among the Top 10 Lead Generation Companies During COVID-19

The outbreak of the global pandemic this year has truly turned the business world upside down. It’s often said that online businesses have been deemed the “winners” of the pandemic, but what have been the effects for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. Due to the global shift, many businesses had to adjust and shift from traditional to digital mediums. 

In addition, new challenges arose in terms of being able to effectively market your products and increase your brand awareness. This has given lead generation services providers new opportunities to partner up with businesses that have been particularly struggling in this area.

On December 2, VSynergize Outsourcing ranked Callbox at number two of the best Demand Generation companies. 

Started off as a CA-based startup company in 2004, Callbox has since become the largest B2B marketing and sales support service provider for businesses and organizations worldwide. Now, Callbox is one of the topmost trusted B2B lead generation services and sales support service companies in the world. 

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with exemplary services as well as aiding them in acquiring sales-ready leads while accelerating their company growth. 

We are honored to have been recognized for our values and services.

We are looking forward to greater things ahead and what the future holds for Callbox in the coming years.

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