Callbox to Hold Seminar in Asia – ‘Global Marketing Strategies for the IT Industry’

Los Angeles – November 2008 – “Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions, following the success of its expansion into the Asia Pacific market, will hold in January their invitation-by-request Callbox Global Marketing Seminar ’09 entitled,” Global Marketing Strategies for the IT Industry. The seminar will be hosted only in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to address the impact of the global financial crisis on marketing strategies.

Callbox, the largest offshore lead generation company in the US, has lined up a well-crafted half-day marketing seminar that will tackle relevant issues affecting the IT industry in Asia. Topics include local marketing versus global marketing strategies, marketing to the US, and an in-depth look into online marketing strategies. Matthew Stepka, Strategy and Business Planning Director of Google, will also join the program as the Featured Guest Speaker for the Callbox Global Marketing Seminar ’09.

The Singapore seminar is co-sponsored by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the lead agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry spearheading the development of Singapore’s external economic wing.

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Judy Caroll

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