How the Callbox Team Spends the Holiday Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

How the Callbox Team Spends the Holiday Season

The holidays are once again upon us. That means it’s time to kick back, relax, and get into the festive mood. In the spirit of the season, we bring you this little infographic that shares how the Callbox team joins the celebrations.

infographics about how the Callbox team spends the holiday


This year’s company party is a fitting conclusion to an amazing 2017. But the year-end party goes beyond celebrating business successes. It’s about showcasing the Callbox culture and identity.

We always plan the party around maximizing team interaction. We’re a relatively big family, so this is one way of helping everyone get to know everybody else.

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Charity has always been a part of Callbox’s holiday tradition. In fact, giving back to the community forms part of our calendar the whole year round.

Each year, we carry out feeding programs, help deliver relief goods, and conduct after-school learning projects. The holidays simply wouldn’t be complete without donations and volunteer work from the team.

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Callbox is a family of generous gift givers. When the holidays roll around, everyone’s busy making their list and checking it twice (and sometimes even thrice).

The Callbox team has its own take on the Secret Santa tradition. Everybody gets little presents from their Secret Santas weeks before the actual gift exchange.

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Nobody at Callbox shies away from a contest. That drive to compete and win makes Callbox the company it is today. It also makes the holidays really exciting.

Each December, different departments go head to head, showing off their skills in activities such as Christmas tree-decorating and choral singing.

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Being part of the Callbox team means your performance doesn’t go unnoticed or unrewarded. December is the time for recognizing the great work that everybody’s been doing for the past 12 months.

We make the holidays even brighter by letting the Callbox team’s stars shine through awards and prizes.


For most companies, the run-up to the end of the year is when annual reviews and planning kick into high gear. At Callbox, we turn these activities into a holiday staple.

We take a collaborative approach at planning and review. This means that we sit down as a team and work out where we’ve been and where we’re going.

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Looking back, we’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot in the Savvy Marketer blog. We really hope you’ve enjoyed and gained from what we had put out here in 2017. Looking forward, we’ll continue publishing great content for B2B marketers as well as try out new ways to share insights.

From all of us here at Callbox:

Happy Holidays!

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