Comparakeet: Callbox is One of the Most Sought After Lead Generation Services

Callbox is One of the Most Sought After Lead Generation Services

Yet another big win for Callbox this year as product review site Comparakeet gave it stellar scores in the field of B2B lead generation.

With a near-perfect score of 9.6 out of 10 on the site’s list of top lead generation services, Callbox has secured a good standing, second only to LinkedIn Advertising Review.

Comparakeet 2017 - Lead Generation Services - Callbox

This only shows Callbox’s own capacity to be among the B2B marketing industry’s top brands. With experience across a wide range of industries, marketing disciplines and platforms, the firm has become a household name for COO’s and executives that want only the best results in their lead generation and appointment setting.

For Janus Jarapa, several indicators show why Callbox deserved the second spot in Comparakeet’s list. The first thing he underscored was Callbox’s ability to allow clients to choose between traditional or online marketing. Being already an expert in multi-channel marketing, the service is readily capable of handling telemarketing, social media and email marketing campaigns. This allows Callbox to open up avenues for generating a consistent amount of high-quality leads.

Moreover, Jarapa has his hands down for the service’s database of qualified marketing leads. Containing over 50 million contacts, the database enables companies to focus on the leads that matter and ensure their pipelines never go dry of sales opportunities. Added to that is Callbox’s ability to provide a corps of capable individuals that are specifically trained to help companies nurture and convert B2B leads. Not only do these companies get just telemarketers, they will also get teams that will work round the clock to keep the pipeline fed but never satiated. Callbox also provides its clients with opportunities to interact with their designated teams to keep the marketing momentum alive.

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An added feature that Jarapa underscores in his review is Callbox’s “robust reporting.” Companies need to know about their campaign’s progress and whether they are working to generate sales as they are supposed to. So, Callbox’s commitment to accurate reporting and campaign transparency provides clients with access to crucial information reflecting the performance of their campaigns. This is possible through the company’s own in-house marketing software system, Callbox Pipeline (formerly PipelineCRM). The system provides clients basically the power to scale their campaigns and position their message front and center so they can generate a great deal of B2B leads to that effect.

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With all these nifty characteristics in mind, no wonder Jarapa gave a stellar review for Callbox. He concludes it by saying that Callbox is a “complete, customer-friendly lead generation service” that companies from across a wide range of industries should seek. 


With that said, companies are sure to find an important marketing ally in Callbox.



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