Callbox Pipeline Rolls Out Major Updates, Additional CRM Features

Encino, CA – January 2014 – Callbox today has announced that it has launched significant new upgrades and features to Callbox Pipeline, the company’s proprietary cloud-based lead management and marketing automation software.

The upgrade brings along significant improvements to existing CRM functionalities as well as additional features focused on enhancing user productivity and customer experience.

Google and Pipeline Calendar Synchronization
For clients using Google Apps, Callbox Pipeline now supports bidirectional syncing with Google Calendar, which means that new entries and changes made in Pipeline Calendar are automatically replicated in the client’s Google Calendar, and vice versa.

Mobile Streams
Updates on recent calls, appointments, tasks, and deadlines, and notifications can now be accessed by Clients across a wide range of mobile browsers.

Clients can now have a closer look at how their Callbox agents interact with individual sales leads. The Touchpoints feature allows the client to view specific tasks (e.g., calls, emails, etc.) performed by the agent that led to an appointment.

Appointment Dossier
This feature allows Callbox clients to access all relevant information pertaining to an appointment, including complete customer contact info (address, email, contact number, etc.), appointment schedules, tasks, and a map showing the location of the appointment via a print-ready format.

Weekly Campaign Report
Callbox clients now receive a Weekly Campaign Report with detailed campaign statistics (hours logged, call volume, positive contacts, emails sent, etc.) and notes from the campaign’s account manager.

The Callbox management is confident that the new CRM features will enable its clients to gain better insights into their sales pipeline, and manage their campaigns more effectively by getting more intimately involved in the sales process.

These updates and features are now available to all Callbox Pipeline users.

Author Bio:

Judy Caroll

Judy Caroll is a marketing executive at Callbox. She is a blogger, online marketer and loves to share with you the best stuff in sales and marketing. Follow Judy on Twitter and Google+.