Callbox Pays it Forward

Callbox Pays It Forward


What do Mark Zuckerberg’s and Callbox have in common?

If you answered they were both launched in 2004, you’re right! Callbox is over a decade old now and stronger than ever. We continue to work, create, innovate and upgrade processes and technologies, to provide our clients the best services they deserve. A decade of strengthened  initiatives and careful planning to deliver the most upscaled project implementation from start to finish. Years of unparalleled commitment to achieve success and excellence together with our loyal patrons, who, in one way or the other, have grown and withstood challenges with us.

A minute or two of navigating through the Callbox homepage, one will see how far and big we have become. Over the years, the trust we have earned from our valued clients brought us great pride and recognition.

It’s a decade full of blessings and thanksgiving! So, as a way of giving back, Callbox regularly holds an annual Feeding and Gift Giving Program to the less fortunate children during the holiday season.

Last December, the Callbox family (as how our CEO calls us), went to Barangay Bo. Obrero, and celebrated a simple, yet heartfelt Christmas party to little children who have less in life. The thoughtful Callboxers brought cooked meal for snacks that the kids feasted on, and gifts like toys and yummy candies contained in loot bags, which posted happy smiles on their faces as they check on each goodie out of the bag. The Callbox team also shared grocery packs for the kids’ families.

super book2

Attentive kids on storytelling session

Everyone’s excitement heightened even more, when the storytelling activity was rolled out, and fun games were played, bringing more gifts for the game winners. The happiness of the children and their parents was evident on their beaming faces as they shared in the delightful experience.

Callbox Pays It Forward: Children Games

Kids enjoying the parlor games. The boat is sinking group yourselves into…

Callbox Pays It Forward: Feeding Program

The little guy enjoying a hearty lunch

The annual gift giving program may bring out a feeling of fulfillment within us, as we acknowledge ourselves to have participated in the benevolent activity. Great pride lingers in our minds as we testify that we have spared time and effort to share an amount of blessing to the needy.


These little kids will be all worth the hard work

replacing old slippers

Part of our gift is to replace their old slippers with new ones

A signature of inspiration to all of us.

But do you know what this means to the children in Bo. Obrero, and the rest of barangays we have visited in the past years?

For them, it’s a savor of happiness when they opened the presents they received; a moment of indulgence as they consumed the cooked meal shared with them. A towering prideful feeling for having been one of the invited guests in a holiday bash – temporarily leaving the sad reality of enslaving poverty.

For these childish, meek hearts, the gift giving may be an interim experience of pleasure and joy , but it will surely add up to their happy core memories in life. For them, it’s like a “dream come true”.

So come and join us next year! Let’s share blessings! Let us be instruments in making little children’s’ dreams come true! 

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