Callbox Huddle 2020: Reshape your Business and Transform The Way You Grow

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Callbox Huddle 2020 is our first-ever online networking and learning event coming this November 20, 2020, packed with engaging sessions that will change the way you grow and manage your business. Together with industry experts, we’re going to host the following sessions:

Be a B2B Shapeshifter: Transform the Way You Grow

In this keynote presentation, we’ll be going over the key attributes of what makes a B2B shapeshifter and how these unique traits contribute to their growth and success. 

Retool your Business with the Right Technology

This session will feature industry experts and thought leaders in tech as they answer questions on how technology can reshape the way our businesses grow. 

Redefine your Process, Reinvent your Team

Discover different ways managers and team leaders can positively impact business processes by empowering the people behind these systems.

Callbox Spotlight: Refining Your Sales Workflow (feat. HubSpot)

Don’t miss out on Callbox and HubSpot talk about the most effective ways businesses can optimize their sales process – from the lead handoff, nurturing, and all the way to closing deals – we will cover it all!

Meet your Peers Virtually

This networking session is an excellent way for you to discover new opportunities by meeting new people who share the same interests as you as well as uncover new gems of information together.

With this event, Callbox aims to renew the way we do business, especially in the midst of the global events 2020 has brought us. We hope that this event will help businesses around the world, whether big or small, prepare and inspire them on how to come back stronger in 2021 and in the years to come. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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