Callbox Hosts First-Ever Lead Generation Strategy Workshop

Leadgen Strategy Workshop Featured

June 25, 2024 – Callbox officially conducted its first-ever Lead Generation Strategy Workshop via Zoom with a full-service creative agency. The workshop, led by Mitos Aguadera, VP for Sales and Marketing, and Carmi Lañada, Director of Client Services Operations, aimed to assess and enhance the agency’s marketing strategies. Participants included the Founder, CFO, Chief Creative Officer, and Chief Client Officer.

Marketing Strategies

The discussion focused on optimizing LinkedIn profiles, improving inbound and outbound marketing, and implementing a CRM system. They addressed challenges like positioning their value proposition amidst AI advancements, developing affordable pricing for smaller firms, and utilizing webinars and ad campaigns. Tracking lead progression, content strategy, and aligning sales and marketing efforts were also highlighted.

Leadgen Strategy Workshop Inforgraphics

Callbox Lead Generation Strategy Workshop is a complimentary, personalized workshop designed to boost sales by attracting high-quality leads. It diagnoses lead generation bottlenecks, provides a data-driven roadmap, and reveals proven B2B strategies to engage and convert ideal customers, helping businesses unlock the full potential of their marketing efforts and grow their sales pipelines.

The Client specializes in video production, strategy, design, branding, casting, live events, still photography, and post-production. They focus on helping brands define their identity and tell compelling stories through various media channels. They collaborate with local filmmakers and photographers to create resonant content that effectively reaches target audiences.

About Callbox

Marking 20 years of B2B leadership and breakthroughs, Callbox stands at the forefront of global outsourcing solutions, revolutionizing sales and marketing strategies for businesses worldwide. Using AI-driven account-based marketing, Callbox taps into a global database of over 35 million business contacts. This strategy enables companies to expand their market reach by engaging potential clients across six lead generation channels: voice, email, social media, chat, web, and webinars.