Callbox Get Free Leads Offer

Los Angeles, CA – October 2008 – With the launch of its “Get Free Leads” offer last month, Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions was able to get a number of referrals from existing clients as well as from prospects which led to a significant increase in sales revenues for the company. Banking on its large and global database, the “Get Free Leads” scheme offers clients and prospects anew the privilege to get $200 worth of targeted contacts from the industries they specify for every referral they give that eventually signs up with Callbox. The positive response to this offer was indicative of a need for a more targeted approach to sales and marketing activities. Further, this bolsters Callbox’s corporate image as a reliable and customer-driven company as exemplified by the number of referrals it received from its roster of existing clients.

For this month, Callbox is looking forward to more clients and prospects availing of the “Get Free Leads” offer as it steps up its marketing reach to its other offices worldwide. It recently offered the same incentive scheme to the Asia Pacific region.

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Judy Caroll

Judy Caroll is a marketing executive at Callbox. She is a blogger, online marketer and loves to share with you the best stuff in sales and marketing. Follow Judy on Twitter and Google+.