Broadening Horizons, Callbox Expands into Latin America

Broadening Horizons, Callbox Expands into Latin America

Here at Callbox, we pride ourselves on being a global company and the world’s largest provider of outsourced B2B lead generation services. With offices in Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, we already have an impressive global footprint and our data is everywhere in the English-speaking market. But we want more for our customers. At our core, we are ambitious and technology driven, with a strong belief that anyone should be able to access talent, information, and opportunities around the world.

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Therefore, we are happy to announce our expansion into Latin America with the opening of an office in Medellin, Colombia. This expansion provides a gateway into not just Colombia, but the entirety of Central and South America, acting as a center of operations within Latin America. 

Opening the Colombian office gives us access to the Spanish-speaking market and serves two major purposes for Callbox:

  1. To work with Latin American companies and help expand their market locally as well as into North America and Asia Pacific.
  2.  To broaden our network for our current clients, such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), DHL, Acer, Dropbox, IBM, Microsoft, and others, allowing them to reach our new Latin American clients.
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“We’re a global player, a one stop shop where clients can reach their prospects anywhere in the world.” 

Rom Agustin. CEO, Founder

As a global company, we provide multi-continent coverage and have multilingual capabilities, with resources available in Portuguese, Vietnamese, Bahasa, Spanish, and other languages. We transcend national boundaries with our cross-border marketing in order to help our clients grow their brand and achieve international success. Our clients gain access to a new selection of customers through our global sales data and insights, region-focused lead generation, and sales development services. Meanwhile, we handle market research, prospect list building, set up, and other resource-heavy tasks. With these tools, our clients can tap into international markets, grow their customer base, and increase their revenue.

With market demands rising, Callbox is ramping up to grow from 800 employees to 1000 employees by the end of the year, in part thanks to our new office in Colombia, welcoming many Colombians to join the Callbox team. 

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We will not stop there either. Callbox will continue to grow our staff and our network. We will provide opportunities for our clients to expand domestically and internationally, and we will ensure that our customers have the best resources possible to succeed.

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