Callbox Empowers IP Learners with Cutting-Edge Technology

Callbox Shaping Brighter Future

CALINOG, Iloilo, Philippines, March 25, 2024 – In a landmark initiative celebrating its 20th anniversary, Callbox transforms educational access and quality for over 500 Indigenous Peoples (IP) learners at Binolusan Pequeño National High School. The company provided sixteen desktop computers equipped with advanced broadband satellite internet, fortifying its ongoing commitment to bridge gaps, empower communities, and inspire a new generation of learners and leaders.

Amid the rugged journey to the far-flung village of Binolusan Pequeño, the Callbox team unveiled its ‘Adopt-A-School’ program in partnership with the Department of Education – Iloilo. Long-planned, the initiative overcame logistical hurdles when Starlink Internet enabled Callbox to realize its vision. Starlink, known as the world’s most advanced broadband satellite internet service, provides high-speed, low-latency internet access even in remote areas, making it a game-changer for the project.

Their first visit on March 1st showed the institution, serving mostly indigenous students, as the perfect candidate, with 80 to 90% of students having never used a computer. Ian Van Cubing, IT Director of Callbox, reflected on this milestone, saying, “Our goal was to accelerate the project’s completion, especially for the benefit of the graduating students who, by the end of May, will have had the chance to familiarize themselves with basic computer skills for about two months. We’re highly optimistic about the transformative potential of this project.

Ian Van Cubing, IT Director, Callbox Inc.

Dr. Gilbert Solidum, SGOD Chief of DepEd-Iloilo, lauded the program as a pivotal educational breakthrough. Among 1,172 schools, BPNHS stands out for its innovative digital infrastructure, poised to transform education in remote areas. The initiative not only enriches learning but also provides essential digital skills, equalizing opportunities for indigenous communities. Dr. Solidum emphasized its broader impact, stating, “We hope that this initiative becomes more widespread, as it is truly life-changing and game-changing—not just for one school, but for the lives of children and families in communities like this.

Dr. Gilbert Solidum - DepEd Iloilo

Changing the Game for IP Learners & Teachers

Learners trying out the new PC Units

In 2019, BPNHS initiated teaching Media and Information Literacy and basic computer operations using printed images for illustrations. With Callbox’s support, the school can advance to practical digital learning, which is expected to reduce absenteeism and enhance academic performance and literacy skills. Acting Principal Argee Caro praised the company for facilitating this shift towards interactive learning, highlighting its significance for students’ future employment opportunities.

We cannot express enough gratitude to Callbox for this extraordinary support provided to both our learners and teachers. Previously, Department of Education online report submissions necessitated a 26-kilometer trip to town. Today, courtesy of Starlink from Callbox, we enjoy the fastest internet connection in the municipality, eliminating the need for those trips. All necessary operations can now happen on our campus,” Caro added.

Argee Caro - BPNHS Principal

Moreover, Marchel Cabayao, a Grade 12 student at BPNHS, shared her aspirations for learning and advancement, moved by the new opportunities: “I’m eager to enhance my computer skills with the equipment you’ve donated. By the time I reached Grade 12, I realized I had virtually no experience with computers. The arrival of these computers and improved internet access is a huge help for us, especially in conducting online academic research,” Cabayao said, her voice filled with joyful tears.

Marchel Cabayao - BPNHS Student

Cabayao highlighted how poor internet connectivity previously hampered their online data gathering, with only a few students managing to complete and share assignments. The donation of computers and Wi-Fi is seen as a major advancement for both current and future students, promising to enhance essential digital literacy skills.

Student learning to use computer

In essence, this initiative proves invaluable, bolstering both student and teacher engagement with high-quality educational experiences.“The introduction of gadgets and a stable internet connection simplifies our tasks, especially when implementing projects and programs mandated by the Division or DepEd… This not only saves time and resources but also minimizes the risks associated with travel,” noted Levy Caster, BPNHS’s ICT Coordinator.

Callbox’s visionary effort at Binolusan Pequeño National High School serves as a powerful testament to the way technology and partnership can shape a brighter future. Equipping indigenous learners with essential digital tools and skills underscores the transformative potential of uniting communities and companies, inspiring global actions to ensure every learner has the opportunity to thrive in an increasingly connected world. Inspired by the success of this initiative, Callbox is set to broaden its horizon, pursuing similar efforts in Davao (Philippines) and Colombia.

Callbox and BPNHS Board of Directors

About Binolusan Pequeño National High School

Founded in 2008, Binolusan Pequeño National High School serves as a beacon of education for all learners from the Panay Bukidnon community in Calinog, honoring the Sugidanon epic as a cornerstone of their cultural heritage. The school has been commended for its exemplary execution of the Department of Education’s Brigada Eskwela, establishing a benchmark across the Iloilo Province school division.

Its dedication to the Indigenous People’s Education (IPEd) program received further accolades with a gold medal for outstanding implementation. The Balay Sapopo project, recognized as a regional champion, highlights the school’s innovative strategies to mitigate the challenges of students facing long commutes. By providing a safe space near the school, it aims to improve their attendance and engagement.

Callbox Davao ‘Adopt-A-School’ Program

Callbox Davao 'Adopt-A-School' Program

Building on its success in Iloilo, Callbox expanded its educational outreach to Davao, Philippines, with the ‘Callbox Davao ‘Adopt-A-School’ Program’ on March 19, 2024, at Suawan High School in the Marilog District. As part of this initiative, Callbox donated ten computer sets and advanced broadband satellite internet (Starlink), focusing on senior high students and furthering its mission to bridge digital divides across the country.

About Callbox

Marking 20 years of B2B leadership and breakthroughs, Callbox stands at the forefront of global outsourcing solutions, revolutionizing sales and marketing strategies for businesses around the world. Using AI-driven account-based marketing, Callbox taps into a global database of over 35 million business contacts. This strategy enables companies to expand their market reach by engaging potential clients across six lead generation channels: voice, email, social media, chat, web, and webinars.