Callbox Delivers its 500,000th Sales Appointment

Los Angeles, CA – May 7, 2010 – Today, one call agent concluded a successful phone conversation with an office manager in downtown Los Angeles, a call placed on behalf of the sales team of a leading US-based commercial cleaning company. To the agent, it was just one of the many great calls he has made for the day. To Callbox, it’s a major achievement as it marked the 500,000th sales appointment set by Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions since its inception six years ago.

“Our Commercial Services department is absolutely on rails. They made 106 appointments this first week of May and the 106th appointment was the very one that milestoned our 500,000th appointment ever. It only goes to show how effective and experienced we are at B2B appointment setting. We’re very proud that our clients continue to trust us to give their business the chance to grow with every appointment we set,” reported CEO Rom Agustin.

Based on closely-tracked campaign data and client feedback, those 500,000 appointments created roughly $100M in sales for Callbox clients. “It’s a great moment for Callbox as we continue to set appointments and generate business for our clients worldwide,” said COO Glen Norris. “Despite economic challenges, we’re still able to deliver,” he continued.

Back in 2004, the first appointment the company made was for a financial services company (insurance services), which indicates the breadth of industries now served by Callbox. As of April 2010, the Callbox outbound campaigns to Software/IT companies still generate the greatest number of leads, followed by companies from the Commercial Cleaning business, Merchant Card Services, Financial, Advertising, Medical, and Business to Consumer services.