Callbox Champions Mental Health and Wellness

Callbox Champions Mental Health and Wellness

March 22, 2024 – Celebrating its 20th year, Callbox shifts focus to an often-overlooked corporate aspect: mental health. The “Mental Health Awareness and Stress Management in the Workplace” workshop highlighted this pivot, presenting the importance of mental health not as an optional perk but as fundamental to employee well-being and corporate responsibility.

The event, hosted by Ma. Roma Angela Gaton (Client Success Manager), took place in the Callbox Recreation Area and was broadcasted live via Zoom. It served as a platform to discuss, understand, and strategize on improving mental wellness in the corporate setting.

Dr. Mary Ann Joy G. Aguadera with Callbox employees

Dr. Mary Ann Joy G. Aguadera, a respected figure in the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the country, led the session. Her warm demeanor and extensive knowledge and expertise—particularly in addressing the mental health challenges of Callbox team members—provided invaluable insights, encouraging open dialogue and reflection among participants.

Dr. Aguadera remarked discussing mental health in front with Callboxers

The workshop tackled crucial topics such as the impact of positive work attitudes and the significance of self-care and empathy in building a supportive workplace culture. Attendees gained practical strategies for enhancing personal and team well-being. 

Dr. Aguadera extended the conversation beyond the immediate workplace context, advocating for comprehensive mental health initiatives within corporate structures: 

“Mental health and wellness in the workplace are crucial. The Department of Labor and Employment has enacted laws to ensure its implementation. Specifically, in the Philippines, there’s a Mental Health Act that mandates support for mental health in the workplace. It’s essential that every company develops a mental health and wellness program.

Such initiatives could begin with support groups or advocacy efforts. Companies should reassess their human resources guidelines to ensure alignment with mental health standards. Remember, this is just the beginning. The concept of ‘Lusog-Isip’ (healthy mind) is fundamental. It’s crucial for companies to prioritize this aspect.
I extend my congratulations to Callbox on its 20th anniversary. Continue building your legacy—there’s nothing stopping you from achieving another decade or two of success. Remember, your workforce is your main asset and a significant part of this milestone. I encourage all Callboxers to keep voicing their needs so that the company can meet everyone’s expectations,” Dr. Aguadera remarked.

Dr. Aguadera remarked

Insights from the Callboxers underlined the workshop’s transformative impact, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and discussing mental health within professional environments.

Bernadette Briones talk about what she get from Dr. Aguadera

“I found Doc’s emphasis on the importance of self-awareness particularly impactful. This event is a pivotal moment for Callbox as we work towards fostering a positive and supportive work environment,” Berns shared.

Jaimee Degayo talk about what she get from this workshop

“For me, the workshop served as an eye-opener. I realized that not everyone in the office is fully aware of what mental health entails. At the very least, this event could provide them with insights on how to self-evaluate, understand their feelings and emotions, and learn how to cope with stress in the workplace,” Jaimee expressed. 

Callbox’s Ongoing Commitment 

The workshop’s success showcases Callbox’s steadfast dedication to creating an environment where team members are supported and valued for both their professional abilities and personal well-being. This event marks the beginning of a deeper, company-wide dedication to mental health, laying the foundation for future initiatives and emphasizing the priority of employee well-being.

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