CallBlaster Instant Connection

Los Angeles, CA – March 2007 – Now you can deliver a pre-recorded message to any of your customers by phone. If they have specific questions about the message, or want to act immediately, they can press 1 to be connected instantly to a live agent, your home office, or any number you designate. This allows you to reach much larger audiences, very quickly, on short notice, without paying for additional staff. (Federal law prohibits prerecorded message delivery except to your existing customers/affiliates.)

Website Marketing: CallMe! Button Instant connection from your website

A visitor to your website can enter their phone number and click CallMe! In seconds, they will receive a call from a friendly live agent. They can also be called after a specific interval. An interested but occupied customer could select ‘Call me in 10 minutes’, or head to lunch and select ‘Call me in 60 minutes’, or they could head out to their car, type in their mobile number, and select ‘Call me in 20 minutes’.

Email Marketing: CallMe! Button Instant connection by email

Now you can instantly give attention to your customer by email. How?

You or Callbox can email your marketing message or advertisement to your target prospects, with a CallMe! button right in the email! Interested prospects can connect to a live agent instantly. We have reduced the barrier to engage to a single click.

Not only does it work, but people naturally want to see it work. “Will they really call me right now?” Yes we will. (Note: CallMe! is now known as HotConnect!)

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Judy Caroll

Judy Caroll is a marketing executive at Callbox. She is a blogger, online marketer and loves to share with you the best stuff in sales and marketing. Follow Judy on Twitter and Google+.