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HK-Based Industrial Supplier Widens Market Lead with Callbox’s Help [CASE STUDY]

Since 1988, the Client has been providing custom decorative building materials throughout Southeast Asia and Australia. Its products include colored stainless steel, decorative glass films, elevator decoration modules, and stainless steel fabrication. The company primarily sells to architects, designers, contractors, property developers, construction suppliers, and other industrial vendors in the region. The Client says it […]

Callbox Taps Ontario Auto Dealership Market for IT Sales Opportunities [CASE STUDY]

The Client specializes in IT solutions for automotive dealerships designed to streamline sales, marketing, and customer support processes. These solutions include end-to-end e-commerce portal, reputation management services, lead generation services, website conversion optimization tools, and fully-integrated CRM platform. The Client targets both franchised and independent dealerships throughout the province of Ontario. In order to sell […]

Understanding Multi-channel, Cross-channel and Omnichannel Marketing

Marketing is an essential element in business. It is also quite tricky because there’s not a one-size-fits-all formula. What more, it is quickly evolving, and the traditional approach is losing its effectiveness. Despite all these, three strategies stand out: omnichannel, multi-channel, and cross-channel marketing. Aside from their popularity, marketers, experts, and analysts argue which one […]

The Best Lead Generation Tactics for Tapping B2B Niches

If anything, the B2B industry is still performing pretty well despite recent market activities resulting from political actions. Essentially, there are still a lot of reasons to feel positive about the growing market for B2B products and services. With the continuing adoption of marketing automation across industries such as financial services and healthcare, as well […]

A Lead Generation Guide for Canadian Businesses

Being stereotyped as a country known for its politeness and its neurotic addiction to hockey doesn’t exactly define how Canada is like in the world of business. For all intents and purposes, this North American country which lies at the Arctic threshold thrives to be an important player in several industries – and not only […]

Telecom Firm’s Campaign Enters Next Phase, Grows Reach in New Segments [CASE STUDY]

The Client currently has an ongoing appointment setting project with Callbox. As part of its 2018 marketing goals, the Client wants to double down on maritime satellite opportunities in Asia, as well as tap into additional EMEA markets. This leg of the campaign focuses on the Client’s two Inmarsat Fleet One offerings. Inmarsat Fleet One […]