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Adapting to the Dynamic SEO Landscape in 2017 and Beyond

Over the years, there have been some constant subtle changes in Search engine Optimization here and there over the years as SEO continues to grow as a category that most businesses focus on to drive leads, engagements, and sales as platforms like Google, Yahoo, and their ilk continue to evolve. It’s no secret that the […]

Here’s How to Manage Google’s Mobile First Indexing for SMBs

With the official announcement that Google is switching to mobile-first indexing, some small businesses might find themselves calling for help. SEO; being the all-important topic to consider whenever placing your brand on the internet, takes a major role in this message. What steps does your company need to take in order to overcome this update? […]

Software Company Favors Callbox Sales Leads Over Own Contact List

Product/Service: Microsoft Dynamics Campaign: Lead Generation A Microsoft-Certified IT company wants to outsource for lead generation so that its inside sales team could focus on converting leads into sales. It chose Callbox to handle the prospecting and appointment-setting campaigns that targeted manufacturing and distribution companies. Given the very specific objectives by the client and armed […]

Marketing Automation and the Callbox Curriculum for Success [CASE STUDY]

Product/Service: US-based Leadership Curriculum Provider Campaign: Call-to-Invite A top Leadership Curriculum provider wants to maximize its manpower and software to improve its lead generation rates, cleanse its database, and increase lead conversion. It found the perfect partner in Callbox and its trusted marketing automation platform and lead nurture tool. Between its efficient data profiling efforts and […]

Top Healthcare Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

Social media has significantly impacted on the current trends in the healthcare industry today and by closely monitoring these developments, individuals and businesses will understand how far they can go in 2017. This is like a comprehensive preparation for the upcoming year with the help of the available online data. Certain information will support innovative […]