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What to Get Your Prospects for the Holidays: 4 B2B Gift Ideas [VIDEO]

https://fast.wistia.com/embed/medias/rm2a2b9872.jsonphttps://fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js     ‘Tis the season for giving… and holiday-related stress. Gift-giving worries 79% of consumers. 67% are unable to find the “perfect” gift. 90% have hard-to-please persons on their list. Related: Use the Psychology of Free Stuff to Generate Leads For B2B folks, the stakes are much higher. The wrong gift can kill a deal […]

8 Ways 2017 Will Shape Your 2018 Email Marketing Campaigns

Email turns 47 next year. Despite countless obituaries declaring the death of email, email remains the most important tool in a B2B marketer’s arsenal. Research after research proves this, and the numbers all suggest a future where emails continue to drive marketing results. Related: The Power of Email Marketing in 2016 and Beyond [INFOGRAPHIC] But beneath […]

5 Trends that Will Drive Tech Tradeshow ROI in 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Another year, another round of tradeshows. Whether it’s Dreamforce or a local industry meetup, tech marketers rely on live events to help them generate leads and drive revenues. But, like any other widely-used tactic, tradeshows tend to produce varying levels of success for different marketers. Related: Get your First Tradeshow Clients with these Marketing Ideas […]

Callbox Nets New Users for Analytics Firm’s Research Tool

With operations in over 175 countries and a 200-year company history, the Client leads the legal research and intelligence market across the globe. Professionals performing various research roles in law offices, government agencies, and private organizations make up the bulk of the Client’s customer base. The Client differentiates itself with its focus on combining deep […]

Callbox Gives HR Consulting Client Base a Boost [CASE STUDY]

Started in 2014 as a joint venture between a pioneering European cross-cultural training company and a top Southeast Asian HR solutions provider, the Client has built and grown a customer portfolio of over 150 multinational companies in various industries across Asia. The customer enjoys a clear lead in the region’s market for intercultural management training […]