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The “Customer Service Element” in B2B Telemarketing

Just because clients in the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector are business professionals doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated as ‘customers’. In fact, they sometimes need more attention and nurturing than regular consumers. Lead generation in B2C is quite simple: you present a product or service, make sure it caters to the needs of your target market, […]

The Number One Mistake on Twitter by Gary Vaynerchuk

  Twitter, for all its worth, is an effective marketing tool. If used effectively, marketers are able to benefit a lot just by posting in 140 characters or less. But let’s emphasize the word “effective.” How can you really gauge the effectiveness of using a popular social media platform? Well, for Gary Vaynerchuck, it only […]

Do Large Businesses Still Need Telemarketing?

This blog was updated June 16, 2017 Large companies basically have all the resources they need to implement and maintain an effective lead generation mechanism. They are capable of investing in updated technologies along with a wide range of tools that will benefit their marketing in the long run. Especially now that modern technology has […]

How To Improve A Lagging Inside Sales Team

The success of your B2B lead generation campaign depends on your inside sales team. Every day, different scenarios such as cold calling, email blasting, lead generation and lead nurturing are handled by your  inside sales team. Doing different tasks everyday makes them less effective in generating high quality leads. The skills of your people will […]

Are Your B2B Telemarketers Doing Cold Calling Monologues?

Are your sales representatives talking too much? That may just be the reason why your b2b sales leads aren’t converting. A lead generation campaign is only as effective as the number of qualified leads it allows you to convert. But if your sales people are using the old style of telemarketing or telesales, then you […]

Top Tips for Choosing an Appointment Setting Telemarketing Company

Most companies nowadays focus more on promoting their products than one securing a steady flow of sales appointments. After all, it is the ability of setting these appointments that make revenue growth possible. However, the main issue remains to be consistency. Indeed, what should companies do to convert leads into sales? What should they not […]

Offline Lead Generation Techniques for Online Marketers

Promoting your business does not only involve the use of social media channels. You still need to promote it offline. After all, it’s not every time that you find a potential customer online. There are, in fact, prospects who are visible offline as well. What’s more, you will realize there is less competition when you […]