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How to Improve Your Business Emails [GUEST POST]

Email correspondence is one of the main forms of communication with colleagues and clients. Unlimited possibilities of technological progress make it possible to instantly send and receive business messages from anywhere, including social networks, both widely known and narrowly-focused like here. If you conduct business correspondence via one of the instant messengers or social networks, […]

12 Easy Methods You Can Accomplish Massive CRM Success Rates

( Interacting with customers is key for CRM success) Vision, Objectives, and Strategy are the pillars of achieving customer relationship management (CRM) success. You also have to choose the right technology to be competitive and efficient. But, is that enough? In today’s world which is glued to social media, consumers are more likely to question […]

The Digital Lead Generation Ecosystem [INFOGRAPHIC]

While generating leads continues to be a top priority for businesses, most of them still struggle with effectively structuring their online campaigns to do just that. Created by Charlotte SEO agency, Straight North, the “Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic shows how multiple online outlets fit together to help marketers create cohesive lead generation campaigns. It also […]

What Credible Advertising means to Millennials

More than anything else, a brand’s credibility matters to millennials. Here are tips to help you build credible marketing strategies. Millennial consumers have grown up exposed to infinite choices, and this made them more than capable of smart consumption. This is also probably why they are the most studied demographic. Thus, both established and startup […]

Low Cost Marketing Options for Merchant Payment Processors

The marketing space for credit cards and merchant payment processing is very competitive. Aside from the significant initial costs associated with starting a credit card processing company, marketing can easily eliminate early profits. The best option for newly established firms is to concentrate on low cost marketing options, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. […]