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How to Provide Effective Customer Service via Twitter?

Twitter is an essential tool for customer service, and the two newest features added by the microblogging platform have pushed its potential in this direction even further. Some of the aspects that make it an ideal platform for interacting with customers are the character limit and the promptness in responding.   Since they are limited […]

What Credible Advertising means to Millennials

More than anything else, a brand’s credibility matters to millennials. Here are tips to help you build credible marketing strategies. Millennial consumers have grown up exposed to infinite choices, and this made them more than capable of smart consumption. This is also probably why they are the most studied demographic. Thus, both established and startup […]

How to Keep Your WordPress Database on Top Shape with Remote DBA Services

If you are in business then you appreciate the invaluable place of data for your success. In fact business entrepreneurship experts call it the most important asset for any successful company. A study by the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) shows the modern business environment is dictated by how well your business manages its data […]

Guide to Writing Social Media Posts When Promoting Your App

When launching an app for iOS, Android, or another marketplace, a great social media outreach strategy is a necessity. In 2014, 88% of all marketing professionals were using Social Media Marketing (SMM) to promote their products, and that number was anticipated to keep rising. With the modern nature of application development for smart devices, this […]

Traditional Marketing in the Digital Times [INFOGRAPHIC]

The never-ending competition between direct and digital marketing in numbers… Are you checking your inbox several times a day? Do you Tweet? Are you continuously making Linkedin connections? I guess the answer is “Yes” because all of us marketer do so. Do you have the feeling that everybody and everything nowadays are online?  Yes, because […]

Low Cost Marketing Options for Merchant Payment Processors

The marketing space for credit cards and merchant payment processing is very competitive. Aside from the significant initial costs associated with starting a credit card processing company, marketing can easily eliminate early profits. The best option for newly established firms is to concentrate on low cost marketing options, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. […]

How to Use Social Media for a Crowdfunding Campaign [GUEST POST]

Today, anyone can run a crowdfunding campaign thanks to the internet. More specifically, people’s connections on social media allow friends, family, colleagues and associates to support each other’s funding efforts. Whether you have an invention you’d like to turn into reality or a charity or event you’re raising money for, a good crowdfunding campaign starts […]

5 Reasons to Try Marketing Automation [Guest Post]

The digital marketing industry is full of trends that come and go. Before 2009, most websites were keyword stuffing their meta descriptions to rank higher in search results, but Google stifled the need for that practice with one update to its algorithm. There was even a time when pop-up advertisements were cool – before they […]

Curated: The 4Ws & 1H of a Qualified Lead [Slides]

  Transcript: In this article by Rona Gumban, you’ll know the definite characteristics you should be looking in a qualified lead. Q and A is based on Callbox lead qualification measures. During campaign Kick Off meetings (a conference call between Callbox and the Client about the campaign requirements and processes), the most important question that Callbox asks the […]

13 Fresh Email Marketing Ideas You Should Try Today

For marketers in the B2B industry (or in any industry for that matter) it is essential to put content way ahead. We can see now how a lot of businesses make a great deal out of creating campaigns that promise a large influx of qualified sales leads. While social media engagements and landing pages offer […]

The Best Technique In Sales Leads Telemarketing? Start A Conversation

Caller: “Hi Mr. Prospect, I’m…calling on behalf of…company, we are a worldwide leader in…and we provide…solutions that will…the business. I’d like to check if you’ve been encountering some challenges like…with your current set-up, and if you are looking for other systems that can…co’z if you do, our consultant would be glad to visit your office […]