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How are digital strategies evolving with the integration of new technologies into the marketing world? [GUEST POST]

Digital economy is growing at a rate 10 times faster than the traditional job opportunities. Almost 50% of all businesses and industries do not have a worked out digital strategy and this creates a massive opportunity for the digital market-savvy to secure lucrative jobs. As far as 2016 was concerned, almost 900,000 new digital marketing […]

How to Create High-Performing Landing Pages [GUEST POST]

Every business has a particular reason for landing pages but the most common ones are to get more leads, increase sales, or build awareness about the brand. These pages are so important that marketers often design new ones for each campaign they launch. For example, a recent article on Hubspot reported that 48 percent of […]

5 Best Ways to Use Writing as Your Marketing Business Strategy Planner [GUEST POST]

In today’s marketplace we can notice tons of different businesses that deal with so many different things. There are also thousands of different business models that generate good revenues and manage to maintain profitable activities. Because of the fact that nowadays business environment offers a great deal of variety, everyone can choose to personalize his […]

Latest SEO Trends – A preview of how SEO changes in 2017

In the past few years, SEO has completely changed its meaning. From simply matching the user search term – through providing useful information – to addressing user queries at greater level of ease and speed. SEO has become a marketing tool that is more about processing user queries rather than being a channel of increasing […]