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Rom Agustin: Focus on the Possibilities

This interview was conducted by Jonha Revesencio of HuffingtonPost.com as part of the #CareerAdvice series — featuring successful professionals who share their advice to people who would want to take their career to the next level.  Read the original post here. On June 6, 2004, with nothing but a phone and a dream, Callbox opened in a dark corner […]

ad:tech Is One Week Away! Guess Who’s Going To NY

  ad:tech New York’s two-day conference program features 30 conference sessions and 5 keynotes led by thought leaders from brands, agencies and publishers that are creating noise in the digital space. According to its official site:    ad:tech brings together the digital marketing industry’s brightest minds to share tactics, strategies and insights to apply as […]

How to Make Presentations for Business Appointments Interesting

Politicians make speeches to gain trust. They crack jokes in the middle of their talk to sustain the attention and liveliness in the atmosphere. The same thing should happen for our appointment setting presentation, we have to keep a steady flow of excitement. So here’s how you  do it. How to Make Presentations for Business […]

On B2B Lead Generation and the Value of Prospect Incentives

No matter what strategy each business employs for their B2B lead generation campaign, one ultimate goal stands out: getting prospect information for them to become leads. Whether it’s through subscriptions forms, call to actions or downloads, marketers would use every tactic to achieve this goal. But prospects don’t just give out information – you have […]

More Reasons Why You Need to Outsource your Lead Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apparently, businesses outsource to reliable B2B lead generation companies for three things; it conserves time, money and effort. This is an advantage for IT and Software companies for instead of minding the strenuous work of hiring and training people for their marketing department, they would just focus on their elevating their products and services. Now […]

How to Rule the World of Online Marketing – Beyoncé Style

When Beyoncé decided to surprise everyone by an abrupt album release on iTunes last December, she circumvented around standard methods for the music industry. As a result, it became the fastest-selling production in the history of the download site. It’s a classic illustration of creative marketing, in which she managed to keep the production process […]

Does your Lead Generation Website have enough Credibility?

Lead generation is not a pushing game but more of a pulling game. You can’t go out there and force people to visit your blog and read your content. You’re going to have to find ways to attract them so that they themselves would voluntarily check you out and (hopefully) leave information that you can […]

Keep Your Company Blog Alive And Exciting

Just imagine that your company blog was like an open store, the readers are your customers and to keep them coming back you have to provide them what they need and give them proper customer service. Now that 2014 has started, there are external factors that could add some charm on your blog and lure […]