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How To Manage Cold-Calling Objections

  When objections are raised, it means that sales leads are being careful. The worst that they can do is to make the wrong decisions. When rejections aroused, prospects are gathering information what will serve as their bases in assessing your company’s products and/or services. When oppositions are made, customers are interested in buying, but […]

Telemarketing Lessons From Pawn Stars

I love watching Pawn Stars. While I do not really have any love for reality show programming, I have to admit that watching Rick Harrison manage his pawnshop in Las Vegas, haggle with customers, and display cool merchandise he just earned, is really entertaining. I just find it so interesting how he juggles closing deals, […]

The Employer Company and the Outsourced Telemarketing Firm: Sharing a Vision

The moment a thriving business company decides to farm out its telemarketing functions to a firm that specializes on these operations, that company not only invests money and resources but also its trust and confidence. Nevertheless, each side must do their respective responsibilities in order to achieve their desired goals. Outsourced telemarketing firms typically dedicate […]

Putting The Human Back In Lead Generation

  Reaching marketing goals has never been as important as it is today. With the way markets are shrinking and the number of people willing to spend more getting fewer and fewer, you really need to dial up your lead generation efforts. Your ability to generate more qualified sales leads is pretty much the only […]