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B2B Telemarketing Rules and How to Break Them (For the Best)

Within the B2B telemarketing world, there are rules to follow. And often, we are made to believe that such rules constitute the straight path towards attaining short-term and long-term business goals. They should be regarded as Gospel truth; otherwise, expansion and increased revenue generation are rendered impossible. Especially in B2B lead generation, rules are needed […]

Crucial Lead Nurturing Tactics for the Struggling Business

Recent surveys suggest that B2B businesses lead quality over anything else. This is because that qualified B2B leads are more likely to transition to a sale. But prior to this however, marketers need to understand the intricate process of maintaining prospect interest, otherwise known as lead nurturing. A potential B2B partner first of all does […]

Will you Move to Mobile this 2015?

Aside from heavy drinking and firework residue, New Year is also about reinventing one’s self. It is that time when you get to make promises for the succeeding year, whether you want to do away with a bad vice or improve certain aspects of yourself. Speaking of improvement, B2B companies are sure to list that […]

B2B Appointment Setting Tip: Put your Prospects Front and Center

Every B2B marketer knows that qualified sales closes are best facilitated through appointment setting. In fact, it complements lead generation processes and achieves company goals within a certain time frame. But while it does the actual translation of leads into sales closes, B2B appointment setting can also get difficult. The challenges are often found in […]